Drone has near-miss with commercial jet filled with passengers

The UK Airprox board has confirmed a drone's near-miss with a commercial plane containing 240 passengers. Flying out of Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster, the plane had reached a three-mile high altitude but only missed the drone by around 100ft. At 15,500ft in the sky, the close collision with the Airbus A321 happened 40 times higher than the legal flying height for a drone in the UK. The incident occurred at the highest ever recorded altitude for a near-miss between a drone and an aircraft in UK airspace. The report by the UK Airprox Board said the pilot saw a
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Imperial College London develops drone tech to deter bird flocks away from designated airspace

New technology has been developed to deter a flock of birds away from designated airspace without breaking their formation using flying drones. In a move that will help improve safety for the aviation industry, researchers from Imperial College London have teamed up with California Institute of Technology in the US to create a ‘herding’ algorithm to be used by drones to steer birds away from high-risk collision areas such as airports. Scientists have investigated the new algorithm on the basis of macroscopic properties of the flocking model and the response of the flock. The team from the two institutes tested
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VIDEO: Drone drops from the sky during window inspection check

A drone has fallen from the sky while inspecting a cracked window on the Millennium tower in San Francisco. A report by Fox News described how bystanders ran for cover as the drone and some of its debris began to fall from the sky. The drone was inspecting a reported cracked window on floor 36 before it hit another building and began to plummet. It is thought that the drone fell due to high rise buildings in the area preventing it from picking up communication signals. The millennium tower has been the centre of controversy since 2015, when architects announced
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