PANEL: DJI Europe’s EMEA chief highlights UK and Switzerland’s progressive and ‘very good’ approach to drones

Martin Brandenburg, EMEA managing director at DJI Europe, has highlighted the UK and Switzerland as the world's most progressive countries when it comes to adopting drones into the sky. Speaking as part of the opening panel discussion on the first day of this year’s Commercial UAV Show, he said DJI views the authorities in the UK as very ‘forward-thinking’. A member of the floor posed the question to the DJI director, asking if, in his experience in the role, he has found any countries that are particularly good at adopting new UAV technology and if they are any which he
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VIDEO: GeoSlam expands Zeb range at Commercial UAV Show

GeoSlam has launched its new product for indoor and outdoor use at this year’s Commercial UAV Show in London. The Zeb-Horizon, showcased at the show this week, is GeoSlam’s next gen handheld 3D laser scanner. The firm claims the new device is capable of rapidly capturing intricate indoor and outdoor measurements on UAVs up to 100m away from the object. It is the first new product from the geospatial mapping and monitoring technology company, following its successful merger with 3D Laser Mapping. New technology on the device also allows the Zeb-Horizon to operate in indoor and outdoor locations without the
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PANEL: Flyability CEO encourages companies to consider ROI before buying newest drone

Patrick Thevoz, CEO at Flyability, has encouraged drone pilots to think about the consequences on return on investment before investing in the newest and latest drone on the market. Thevoz made the comments as part of the opening panel discussion at this year’s Commercial UAV Show at the London ExCeL. Questioned on how companies should keep up with a market which is constantly developing and releasing new, fresh technologies and products, Thevoz described how he felt it was important for all companies to make an informed decision before making a purchase. He said: “Half of our customers are inspection companies
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CDP launches first print publication

Commercial Drone Professional has released its first print publication. The special edition has been released to coincide with this week’s Commercial UAV Show at the ExCeL in London and focuses on a variety of hot topics in the industry right now including public services, regulation and insurance. It also features a four-page feature about DJI’s annual AirWorks conference which CDP attended earlier this month and a focus on the adoption of Amazon Prime Air. Elsewhere in the magazine, CEO of London-based infrastructure start-up gives his insight on where the industry is today and WomenWhoDrone founder tells all on the gender problems
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EXCLUSIVE: DJI VP calls on drone professionals to have input on regulation and labels UK as “friendly place for drones”

DJI’s vice president for policy and legal affairs has called on drone pilots in the UK to get involved with local and regional governments on regulation and legislation. In an exclusive interview with CDP at AirWorks, Brendan Schulman stressed how important it was for users to show the good they are doing with drones. Schulman, a prominent drone and aviation lawyer before he began his work at DJI, said: “I think we are doing well but it’s a lot of hard work and effort but of course it is always helpful to have the actual users engaged and talking to
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ROAVR director releases book on the UK drone industry

Pilot and director at Scotland-based ROAVR, Matt Harmsworth, has released a book about the drone industry in the UK. ‘Unmanned – A Drone Story’ looks at his experience behind the lens in the growing aerial filming industry. Located in the Scottish Highlands, Harmsworth wants to give readers insight into his experiences with playing with RC models, plane spotting and becoming disappointed when he discovered he could not fly helicopters. He goes on to describe his first flying lesson years later, and then handling a fast jet at low level in the Scottish Mountains. 'Unmanned' has been released to coincide with
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Australian teen wins World Drone Racing Championships

Fifteen year-old Rudi Browning from Australia has been crowned World Drone Racing Champion. Browning beat over 120 other competitors taking part in the event in Shenzhen, China. According to a report by the BBC, his victory meant the Australian team also emerged victorious ahead of Sweden in second, as the fastest country overall. Eleven-year-old Thai racer, Wanraya Wannapong, won the women’s title at the competition hosted by the World Air Sports Federation (FIA). Browning beat three others in Sunday’s final to take home the $24,000 (£18,000) cash prize. In a statement circulated by the FIA, Browning reflected on the win.
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AirWorks 2018: Head of strategic partnerships likens drone industry to beginnings of the PC market

Jan Gasparic, DJI’s head of strategic partnerships, has likened the current state of the drone industry to where the PC market was at the beginning of its development. He made the statement as part of a keynote talk to industry professionals at DJI’s third annual conference in the US. He said: “The drone industry is in the same place now the personal computer industry was 30 or 40 years ago.” A statement of this sort from DJI and its team is unusual for company which often remains conservative on just how quickly and at what scale it thinks the industry
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