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CAA issues update on DJI TB50 and TB55 battery faults

The CAA has given an updated safety notice on the in-flight failure problem with some DJI drones. The UK regulator described how it had been in regular contact with the Chinese manufacturer about the problem following a number of recent complaints. DJI then confirmed it was working on a mitigation plan which prompted the CAA to remove some safety restrictions and publish a new notice. The new notice, which can be found in full on the CAA’s website, applies to all operators of multi-rotor small unmanned aircraft utilising DJI battery model TB50 or TB55 and describes how the manufacturer has
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EXCLUSIVE: DJI VP calls on drone professionals to have input on regulation and labels UK as “friendly place for drones”

DJI’s vice president for policy and legal affairs has called on drone pilots in the UK to get involved with local and regional governments on regulation and legislation. In an exclusive interview with CDP at AirWorks, Brendan Schulman stressed how important it was for users to show the good they are doing with drones. Schulman, a prominent drone and aviation lawyer before he began his work at DJI, said: “I think we are doing well but it’s a lot of hard work and effort but of course it is always helpful to have the actual users engaged and talking to
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AirWorks 2018: Head of strategic partnerships likens drone industry to beginnings of the PC market

Jan Gasparic, DJI’s head of strategic partnerships, has likened the current state of the drone industry to where the PC market was at the beginning of its development. He made the statement as part of a keynote talk to industry professionals at DJI’s third annual conference in the US. He said: “The drone industry is in the same place now the personal computer industry was 30 or 40 years ago.” A statement of this sort from DJI and its team is unusual for company which often remains conservative on just how quickly and at what scale it thinks the industry
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AirWorks 2018: DJI and Microsoft build on partnership with Windows SDK launch

DJI and Microsoft took to the keynotes stage at this week’s Airworks conference to launch the public preview of their Windows SDK. The announcement was part of DJIs push to partner with industry leaders in order to enhance its ecosystem. The SDK sets out to enable drone solutions developers to wirelessly transfer images to Windows-powered edge devices, integrate and control drones and allow third-party payloads via Windows apps to bring real-time AI and machine learning capabilities to imagery from DJI drones. DJI hopes the move will 'exponentially' increase the way drones can be used and scaled up within an enterprise
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AirWorks 2018: Watch DJI and American Airlines inspection demo with new Mavic Enterprise

As part of the media day before the official start of AirWorks 2018, CDP gained access to a demonstration by DJI and American Airlines on how drones can be used to carry out aircraft inspections. Using the new DJI Mavic Enterprise, the DJI pilot flew the drone around an American Airlines plane to highlight how UAVs can make the inspection easier and save huge amounts of time and money. The footage captured by the drone was projected onto a TV screen for the media to see and ,for the sake of the demonstration, it found a small sticker acting as
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BREAKING NEWS: DJI unveils new commercial drone aimed at working professionals

The first news out of DJI’s Airworks conference this year is the announcement of the new Mavic 2 Enterprise. The device is aimed at professionals who use drones in their daily working lives. DJI has specified that it has primarily focused on businesses, governments, educators and other professionals in this release describing the device as a “reliable everyday tool that helps professionals do their work better.” The Mavic 2 Enterprise features a foldable design with controls and accessories that have been designed to extend user capability during critical operations like firefighting, emergency response, law enforcement, and infrastructure inspections. President of
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RUSTA notes sharp surge in women enrolling on drone training courses

RUSTA has announced an upsurge in the amount of women registering on its training courses over the last twelve months. The Bristol-based firm offers CAA approved National Qualified Entity training programmes which cover a wide range of commercial industries and backgrounds. On the shift, Sion Roberts, managing director of RUSTA, said: “As one of the longest running NQE academies in the UK, the last three and a half years have given us a wealth of data that we’ve used to examine the demographic of operators. What we discovered, is that male operators have vastly outnumbered their female counterparts. However, this
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EXCLUSIVE: Cornwall drone company sets eyes on the future following business award nomination

Bad Wolf Horizon-8203
Tom Wadsworth, director at Badwolf Horizon, has been shortlisted for two awards in the West Morning News Business Awards next month. The company has been nominated for ‘Best Digital Innovation in Tourism’ and ‘Digital Rising Star’ in the awards set to be hosted at Crowne Plaza in Plymouth on November 22. Speaking exclusively to Commercial Drone Professional, Wadsworth is hoping the exposure from the awards will help take his company to an international level. He said: “We are continuously developing this technology. We analyse the feedback from clients and viewers from every flight we complete, in order to see how
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Skydio appoints former mobile phone president as its new COO

Tech exec Tom Moss has taken to LinkedIn to wave goodbye to mobile phones and hello to drones in his latest career move. Moss worked as senior vice president and general manager of mobile at Razer before his move to the Californian-based drone company. In his LinkedIn announcement, Moss detailed how it was Skydio’s focus on autonomous flight that tempted him to make the move. He said: “Unlike all the other drones that you have to fly with a remote control and sooner or later crash, Skydio drones fly themselves thanks to the work of an amazing team of artificial
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DJI slams last week’s Dayton Research ‘misleading’ drone collision footage

DJI has demanded that the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) withdraws a video and blog post which depict a collision between a DJI Phantom 2 and the wing of a small airplane, calling the video ‘misleading’. In a statement, DJI has said the UDRI staged its video to create a scenario inconceivable in real life. The international manufacturer described how the collision shown on video was at a higher speed than the combined maximum speed of the drone and airplane, which is also faster than the FAA’s testing guidelines. The statement went on to detail how the UDRI has
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