Intel makes it mission accomplished with fresh new innovations

Technology giant Intel has proved its commitment to the development of unmanned aerial vehicles by unveiling a hoard of new innovations. While exhibiting at Xponential, which is currently taking place in Denver, Intel announced updates to the commercial drone ecosystem with new hardware and software solutions. Intel’s new tools, which include flight planning software, additional payloads, as well as obstacle avoidance, are designed to maximise the potential of aerial data and to help businesses and organisations with important flight missions. The new Intel Mission Control software provides planning, project management and data handling and is designed to increase workflow efficiency
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Drone pioneers pledge £5m into UAV development project to save swimmers in distress

A new £5m research project geared towards developing new drone technology that could help come to the aid of swimmers in distress has been given the go ahead. U-Flyte, a collaboration between researchers at Maynooth University in Ireland and a number of industry partners, is aiming to create systems that could help companies deliver essential medical supplies or rescue those in the water quicker. The systems will also overcome current restrictions that control the distance over which drone operators can fly their machines; without special permission, operators are limited to maintaining their drones within a 500m circumference and within sight
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DJI unveils next generation of Zenmuse X7 Camera to support Apple ProRes RAW

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 11.35.19
DJI, one of the world’s leaders in creative camera technology, has updated its Zenmuse X7 camera to support the new ProRes RAW standard from Apple. Enabled through firmware updates, the Zenmuse X7 also gains performance enhancements that deliver improved workflows and image quality. These new features increase the power and efficiency of the Zenmuse X7 and reinforce its role in professional filmmaking as the world’s first Super35 digital camera designed for aerial cinematography. The firmware updates include a free update for users with the RAW activation package for Inspire 2 and newly added 14-bit RAW recording mode to enable the
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UAV operators are urged to reassess use of AI as new report warns of exploitation risks

Commercial UAV operators have been urged to re-assess their use of artificial intelligence (AI) software following a report detailing the exploitation risks. The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence has issued a 100-page forecast detailing the potential dangers of using AI, and has outline the risks posed by rogue operators, as well as terrorists and criminals. The report identified digital, physical and political as the areas that malicious use of AI is most likely to be exploited. In relation to drone technology, the report stated that an individual could acquire a UAV and install it with facial recognition software to target
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Texo Drone Survey and Inspection launches new hire service

Texo Drone Survey and Inspection Ltd (Texo DSI) has today announced the launch of its new UAV platform and rental service – Texo Drone Hire Division. The comprehensive owner operator of UAVs will provide its rental offering to both UK and global, certificated operators, allowing parties to choose from Texo DSI’s extensive range of aerial platforms and associated payload options. John Wood, chief operations officer, Texo DSI says the company is aiming to target smaller UAV operators, who want to expand their offering but can’t commit to the investment. He commented: "The UAV industry is growing at a rate that
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RS Components targets education with ready-to-fly drone

The global distributor for RS Components has announced the launch of Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone that offers developers and researchers a fast path for airborne application development. The UAV development kit enables professional application developers that are less familiar with drone mechanics and avionics to focus on the application software and sensor hardware and ensure the optimisation of data and services. Typical applications include cargo delivery, inspection and surveillance, as well as potential for use in the agriculture and construction sectors. The open and flexible nature of the platform, in addition to the use of open source software,
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VIDEO: Intel believes artificial intelligence is key to collision prevention

Drones at Intel
Artificial intelligence has been cited as the next major development for UAVs by technology and drone brand Intel. A certified drone pilot and artificial intelligence expert explained that technology innovations are making drones smarter, more capable and easier to fly. Difficult-to-fly, remote control consumer drones from just a few years ago are being superseded by smart, autonomous aerial robots. New drones will be able to see, think and react to their owner automatically, and experts say this is making drones easier and safer for almost anyone to fly. Hear from the two experts from Intel here:
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