Skylogic Research releases annual drone industry market report

Skylogic Research has announced its 2018 Drone Market Sector Report, examining global drone sales, service providers and users. The research, carried out by a leading research and advisory services firm for the commercial drone industry and owner of Drone Analyst, is supported by DJI, DroneDeploy, and Trimble. Primarily, Skylogic found a growing demand for businesses to use drone-acquired data in their day-to-day operations. Colin Snow, CEO and founder of Skylogic Research, outlined what he thought were the more interesting findings, he said: “If you believe the hyperbole, there are hundreds of thousands of drones in the airspace at the
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OPINION: How high-tech monocles can solve the camera feed viewing dilemma for drone operators

As UK regulations tighten around drone safety, Andy Johnson, head of product and solutions management at business technology solutions provider Brother UK, explains how monocular head mounted display (HMD) technology is helping commercial drone pilots to comply with regulation, and to position drones while viewing camera feeds simultaneously. Regulatory bodies have fallen behind the UK’s rapidly expanding drone industry in recent years. But last month’s new drone laws coming into force was a sign that authorities are beginning to step up the pace – much to the delight of commercial drone pilots, with many in the industry rightly believing that
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THE RESULTS ARE IN: Nesta reveals key findings from its Flying High Challenge

David Parry/PA Wire
Nesta’s Challenge Prize Centre, in partnership with Innovate UK, has today released its findings from the first phase of the Flying High programme, outlining the opportunities and challenges for implementing drone technology in UK cities. Flying High comprises a collaborative engagement with five UK city-regions chosen earlier this year (Bradford, London, Preston, Southampton and the West Midlands), along with the NHS, police and fire services, national stakeholders from central government, technology experts, industry leaders, academics and regulators. The challenge seeks to position the UK to become a global leader in shaping drone systems that place people’s needs first. The Flying
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FIVE MINUTES WITH: Coverdrone director, Andrew Heath

andrew heath
With the commercial drone industry continuing to grow and develop new use cases, it is more important than ever to consider UAV insurance. Since drones first arrived in the UK, the market has expanded with a host of new industries adopting drone technology to perform different tasks. The wide variation of possibilities for drone use has made insurance a much more complicated field than it was a decade ago. One of the first commercial UAV insurance providers, Coverdrone, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the John Heath Insurance brokerage, has seen first-hand how the market has changed. Company director, Andrew Heath, tells
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IN DEPTH: Making smart cities a reality with integrated drone solutions

While advancements are emerging from the commercial UAV sector thick and fast, the technology is yet to break its way into the mainstream and revolutionise day-to-day life. Despite the fact that a series of road blocks, such as regulations, permissions, costs and public sentiments, have impacted the delivery of drones in cities around the world, leading names from within the industry are looking to change the game and bring drones further into the spotlight. With programmes being introduced around the world to spearhead drone integration, including Nesta’s Flying High Challenge in the UK and the FAA and Department of Transport’s
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INSIDE TRACK: An aerial view of the future of drones in the construction sector

With reports that drones are predicted to give the UK economy a £42 billion boost by 2030, Roof Stores looks into how infrastructure, the most rapid and vast adopter of commercial drones, is using the technology to bring the industry into the future.  There is an aerial revolution happening across the globe. Drones have emerged as a highly viable commercial tool with applications in numerous sectors, most notably, construction. This isn't surprising, as their benefits range from on-site safety to a level of project monitoring which wasn't previously possible. A market set to be worth billions over the coming years, there's no denying
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Commercial drone market set for steady growth until 2022

drone delivery
Increased drone usage across agriculture and law enforcement is set to drive continuous growth across the commercial drone category for the next four years, new research suggests. The global commercial drone market size was estimated to be worth $552m (£410m) in 2014 and is projected to reach $2.07 billion (£1.5 billion) by 2022, with a CAGR of 16.9%. The report from market research provider Million Insights noted that while demand is significantly higher for military applications, commercial applications are gradually catching up. The agriculture sector is anticipated to become a major user over the forecast period of seven years on
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FIVE MINUTES WITH: Martin Brandenburg, DJI’s EMEA managing director

180209 Martin Brandenburg crop
While the airspace has become increasingly crowded and more commercial providers enter the market, one company has managed to soar higher than most. DJI, a Chinese-founded commercial and consumer drone manufacturer, first opened its doors in 2006 and has gone on to shape the industry’s hardware, software and applications in filmmaking, construction, inspection, emergency response, agriculture, conservation and other industries. While the company is only 12 years old, recent research suggests that as much as 70% of the UK commercial market uses DJI drones. Martin Brandenburg, DJI’s EMEA managing director, gave Commercial Drone Professional a sneak peek behind the scenes
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FIVE MINUTES WITH: Airbus Aerial president, Jesse Kallman

A year on from its launch, Airbus Aerial has managed to carve out a position as one of the organisations driving market within the commercial drone space. Jesse Kallman, president of Airbus Aerial, a new business unit within Airbus, the global heavyweight in space and aeronautics, stepped into the role last May. Over the course of his career, Kallman has worked across various parts of the industry including research at Georgia Tech, federal policy at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), commercial UAS business at Airware, and advocacy with groups such as the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. Kallman told
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senseFly to host free webinar on using drone tech within mining industry

RVB de base
senseFly is to host a free webinar to help school mine and quarry companies on using drone technology within their businesses. The drone solutions provider will broadcast the session tomorrow (Wednesday 18th April) from its online portal, exploring real-life UAV adoption stories from around the world lead by three experts form the world of mining. The webinar, titled Integrating Drone Tech into Mine and Quarry Workflows, will also look at best practice, ROI, data integration and the key things to consider before investing in drone technologies. The three experts sharing their advice will be Sean Jeffrys, a geospatial consultant who
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