US Navy set to test first of its kind carrier-launched drone

The US Navy are preparing to begin formal flight testing for a first of its kind carrier launched drone in 2021. The drone has been designed to double the attack range of F-18 fighters, F-35Cs and other carrier aircraft. According to a report by Fox News, the launch is part of the emerging Navy MQ-25 Stingray program which is planned to enter full service in the mid-2020s. The report goes on to describe how the program will introduce a new generation of technology by engineering a new unmanned re-fuel capability for the carrier air wing. Jamie Cosgrove, spokesperson for Naval
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Salisbury attack prompts MoD to test life-saving chemical detection drones

A new fleet of robots and drones designed to test for chemical agents have been put through their paces by troops, police officers and scientists for the first time. The devices, which can also provide 3D mapping and identify casualties, were tested as part of a multi-million pound project co-funded by the MoD and the Home Office. ‘Project Minerva’ includes miniature drones which, according to the Government, could soon come into service to rapidly assess hazardous scenes. The aim of the research is to reduce the risk to emergency services and front-line troops attending incidents or operations involving hazardous chemical
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Counter-drone market set to grow by nearly 40% in the next five years

The counter-drone market has been forecast to grow by 37.2% from now until 2023, a new research report has found. Research, published by Homeland Security Research, found that potential threat posed by drones is now apparent and tangible. The counter-UAV market is set to take off due to this as a rise in the manufacture of systems designed to detect and intercept unmanned aircrafts is expected. The threats mainly consist of mid-air collisions of drones flying in the vicinity of airplanes, bases or large public spaces, the smuggling of contrabands, weaponized drones, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, loitering munitions and electronic
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Trump continues with African drone mission expansion in the Sahara

President Trump Holds Rally In Great Falls, Montana
Video footage has emerged of US forces expanding their presence in the Sahara Desert with a secret drone base development. The New York Times has released a video documenting the growth, from January to September, of an American drone airbase in the Sahara Desert. Nigerien and American officials told the Post that the CIA had been flying drones on surveillance missions for several months from a corner of a small commercial airport in Dirkou, which new satellite imagery confirms. The report suggests how under the Obama Administration, drone operations within the CIA were somewhat scaled back and responsibility was handed
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