CAA urges pilots to brush up on incoming drone regulations

The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority has underlined incoming changes to drone regulations ahead of them being implemented from August 1. At the end of May, the Government published an amendment to the UK Air Navigation Order 2016 (ANO) which contains its changes to the legislation regarding the operation of small unmanned aircraft. New rules, which were announced on May 30, restrict drones from flying above 400 feet and within 1km of airport boundaries. The laws will come into force on 30 July and will require owners of drones weighing 250g or more to register with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
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Intel’s drones shape the future of the Great Wall of China

Intel-drone-Great-Wall-2 (1)
Drones have come to the aid of one of the world’s most famous landmarks in the name of conservation. Intel’s drones are being deployed to protect and preserve the Jiankou section of the Great Wall of China in partnership with the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation (CFCHC). Experts from Wuhan University LIESMARS have been added to the project, leveraging Intel technologies to preserve the wall more efficiently and safely than before. An Intel Falcon 8+ drone is being used to carry out an aerial inspection and survey of the Jiankou section, capturing tens of thousands of high-resolution images of
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Airbus unites with EASA and CAAS to better define drone regulations

Two European and Singaporean aviation regulators have teamed up with Airbus in a bid to strengthen drone restrictions in built-up areas. The European Aviation Safety Agency has signed a collaboration agreement with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and Airbus to establish a "framework for the exchange of information and technical expertise." EASA adds that the partners will be "leveraging Airbus's experience with the ongoing Skyways project." Skyways is a partnership, signed in 2017, between Airbus Helicopters and Singaporean postal service SingPost to trial an unmanned aerial package delivery system in the city state. CAAS director general, Kevin Shum,
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Alpiq EnerTrans boosts Swiss Network Grid Operators’ inspection efficiency by 50%

Swissgrid, the national transmission grid operator, has picked up the pace of its inspections by integrating drone technology into its arsenal. The organisation, which is tasked with not only keeping the lines online but also tying the Swiss energy grid into the larger European grid network, owns 6,700 km of transmission lines. Due to the networks’ aging nature, grid owners are increasingly looking to raise the frequency they inspect each individual line, surpassing legal minimum frequencies of two to five years. In order to successfully monitor its complex network of transmission lines, Swissgrid has teamed up with Alpiq EnerTrans, a
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Caged drone keeps beer brewing at Pilsner Urquell factory

A Czechoslovakian beer giant has embraced drone capabilities in a bid to save time and money with its facility inspections. Pilsner Urquell deployed Flyability’s collision-tolerant Elios drone, designed to navigate difficult spaces, to gather footage and negotiate electrical wiring, sound barriers, sprinklers, and vents to inspect the beams and trusses of the bottling plant. Building regulations require that the ceiling of the facility be inspected each year, and a detailed inspection be performed every 10 years. The inspection is usually performed by five workers who climb to the ceiling to perform a visual inspection. This requires scaffolding and a safety
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Police drones take to the skies to aid nerve agent investigation in Salisbury

Amesbury Couple Poisoned By Novichok Nerve Agent
The value of UAVs in major criminal investigations and police work has been reiterated after it was revealed that drones are being deployed in a bid to uncover vital evidence in the Salisbury nerve agent investigation. Wiltshire Police has bought in two UAVs to search a children's play area for Novichok canister. Dawn Sturgess, 44, and boyfriend Charles Rowley, 45, are believed to have fallen ill after finding a vial, syringe or tub used to carry the nerve agent in Salisbury. Ms Sturgess tragically passed away yesterday. Wiltshire Police officers stood guard at each of the entrances to Queen Elizabeth
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Coptrz accelerates into the fast lane with F1 partnership

coptrz f1
A UK-based commercial drone solution provider snapped up a vital role to supply UAV detection at British Grand Prix weekend. Silverstone circuit selected Coptrz to deliver drone detection services for the world-famous motor sport event. Coptrz provided an array of technologies to detect and inform organisers of any non-planned drone activity over the three-day event from July 6 to 8. With drone detection in place, details of a drone's model, serial number, course, speed, altitude and the operators data could be detected. Steve Coulson, founder and managing director at Coptrz, explained: “It was great to be able to provide our
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Drones bump fireworks from headline slot at airbase display

travis-drones-2×1-768×384 Intel
An America air force base has announced it will ditch fireworks in favour of drone-based entertainment. Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California, will collaborate with Intel to replace a traditional Independence Day fireworks display with an Intel Shooting Star drone light show. In celebration of 4th of July and Travis Air Force Base’s 75th anniversary, 500 Intel Shooting Star drones will dance across the night-time sky in a choreographed aerial routine that honours active military and veterans. Anil Nanduri, vice president and general manager of the Intel drone team, said: “We are excited to collaborate with the Travis Air
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Council deploys UAV as eye-in-the-sky in battle against seagulls

Drone in front of building-870px
Drones have been recruited in Worcester to control the amount of nesting seagulls in the city centre. UAVs cameras were flown over the high street to detect hard-to-reach gull nests. The newly-discovered nests will be targeted as part of Worcester City Council’s work to control gull numbers in the city by replacing the birds’ eggs with life-like dummies, to bring down the numbers of chicks that hatch there. Councillor Joy Squires, chair of the city council’s environment committee, said: “The drones were able to reveal hard-to-find gull nests hidden between chimney pots or squeezed into narrow roof gullies. “We would
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Police drone pays its way as court hears how equipment is used to bust £50k cannabis farm

Lincolnshire Police’s drone unit has proved the value of drones in crime fighting applications by providing vital evidence that led to the conviction of a cannabis farmer. The unit gave insight into the operation saw Mark Lovell, 54, jailed for three years for producing cannabis. The cannabis farm was discovered after police carried out searches using a drone, Lincoln Crown Court was told last week, June 29. Officers carried out a scouting mission last October, and as a result of evidence captured by the drone, found what was described as a professional cannabis growing operation which could produce more than £50,000
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