PANEL: DJI Europe’s EMEA chief highlights UK and Switzerland’s progressive and ‘very good’ approach to drones

Martin Brandenburg, EMEA managing director at DJI Europe, has highlighted the UK and Switzerland as the world's most progressive countries when it comes to adopting drones into the sky. Speaking as part of the opening panel discussion on the first day of this year’s Commercial UAV Show, he said DJI views the authorities in the UK as very ‘forward-thinking’. A member of the floor posed the question to the DJI director, asking if, in his experience in the role, he has found any countries that are particularly good at adopting new UAV technology and if they are any which he
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Man reported to Scottish authorities after flying drone over football match

Police in Scotland have received reports of a man who flew his drone over a football game this weekend. Officials at the match between Abroath and Montrose said they considered stopping the match. According to a report by the BBC, the drone pilot was traced to a nearby location and was subsequently reported to the procurator fiscal. David McIntosh, chief inspector for Angus Police working on the case, told the BBC: "Flying drones without the appropriate training, experience or license can be hazardous, no more so than over a crowded area such as a football match or concert.” He added:
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CAA issues update on DJI TB50 and TB55 battery faults

The CAA has given an updated safety notice on the in-flight failure problem with some DJI drones. The UK regulator described how it had been in regular contact with the Chinese manufacturer about the problem following a number of recent complaints. DJI then confirmed it was working on a mitigation plan which prompted the CAA to remove some safety restrictions and publish a new notice. The new notice, which can be found in full on the CAA’s website, applies to all operators of multi-rotor small unmanned aircraft utilising DJI battery model TB50 or TB55 and describes how the manufacturer has
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ISIS threatens Eiffel Tower attack by drone

ISIS has threatened that its next terror attack will involve a small drone targeting the Eiffel Tower in France. The terror organisation’s latest propaganda depicts a small drone flying near the Eiffel Tower and red crosshairs hovering over the Parisian landmark. According to a report from The Sun, the image was publicised by Muharir al-Ansar, an ISIS-affiliated media group. The organisation is known for regular production of terror-related content in English. The image comes with a message saying ‘await for our surprises’. In May of this year the same organisation released a similar image which depicted French President Emmanuel Macron's
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CAA confirms London passenger jet ‘near-miss’ was the closest yet over the UK

The UK Airprox Board has announced a drone had a near miss with a Virgin Atlantic passenger jet earlier this year was at ‘the most serious risk of collision.' The incident happened over Clapham in London as the jet headed towards Heathrow Airport. Following the near miss, which happened in June, the CAA has confirmed that the event was the closest ever recorded over UK airspace. The UKAB report detailed how the “drone-like object was seen to pass just below the right wing, avoiding impact with the engine by an estimated 10ft.” The report said: “The drone was being flown
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VIDEO: Footage shows what damage a drone can do to a commercial airline

Research from the University of Dayton Institute has shown how small drones can cause significant damage on impact with large aircraft. The test, designed to mimic a mid-air collision at 238 miles per hour, launched a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter into the wing of a Mooney M20 aircraft. On impact, the drone did not completely collapse meaning it managed to cause serious damage to the wing of the plane. Kevin Poorman, group leader for impact physics at UDRI, said: “While the quadcopter broke apart, its energy and mass hung together to create significant damage to the wing. We’ve performed bird-strike
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World’s largest transport drone successfully tested in China

The world’s largest unmanned transport drone has completed its first successful test flight in China. The Feihong-98 (FH-98) can carry a payload of up to 1.5 tonnes, a number which equates to around 19 people. According to state-run China Daily the FH-98, which has been developed and modified by the China Academy of Aerospace Electronics Technology, made its successful flight at Baotou test site in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Tuesday. The UAV is a design adaption from the prototype of the Shifei Y5B, China’s first fully domestically-built transport aircraft which conducted its first flight in 1957. The
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FAA warns of hefty fines for drone pilots interfering in Storm Michael rescue mission

The FAA has warned that if unauthorised drones are found to be interfering with the Hurricane Michael rescue mission they will be the subject of heavy fines. The regulator has said that fines in excess of $20,000 could be issued to the pilots flying without concern for rescue missions. In a statement, the FAA described that many aircraft are conducting life-saving missions and other critical response and recovery efforts are likely to be flying at low altitudes over areas affected by the storm. It went on to detail how flying a drone without authorisation in or near the disaster area
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Local council makes ‘health and safety’ plans to ban drones in parks

Leicester City Council is making an update to its laws which will see the strict regulation of drones in its local parks. Pilots breaking the new rules could face being asked to leave the area or a fine of up to £500. LeicestershireLive reported that the drones could be banned as part of a shake-up of local by-laws to prevent problem behaviours in public places. By-laws are are enforced at the discretion of parks department staff or police officers. The council has said that the change in regulation comes as part of a plan to increase the public safety and
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CAA looks to expand its unmanned services unit

commercial drone
The Civil Aviation Authority is looking to expand its UAS unit with the addition of a new team member. The new employee will be paid up to £56,000 per annum depending on experience. The role described is for a UAS Sector inspector who will audit the safety of UAS organisations/operators and assess their compliance with regulations, in line with Performance Based Regulations (PBR) principles. The role involves assisting the UAS Sector team, UAS Technical Policy team and Shared Service Centre (SSC) in achieving the CAA's aims in relation to UAS and their safe use. Delivering a UAS oversight regime, the
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