Aviation leaders making ‘successful’ progress towards drone integration

Leaders in aviation have made significant progress towards the successful integration of drones into global airspace, according to a new report. A leading US aviation attorney believes the ‘baby steps’ taken by the FAA in August are the right ones to incorporate drones into airspace worldwide. In a column for AviationPros, the LeClairRyan aviation attorney described how the latest trials by the FAA meant the US was heading in the right direction. He said: "Integrating UAS into national airspace may not rank next to the moonshot in the annals of human achievement. However, it is similar in at least one
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Fortress UAV launches maintenance program to help drone users

Fortress UAV has launched a preventative maintenance program to help drone users take care of their drones. The program will provide customers with drone maintenance schedules which include industry standard maintenance checklists. Fortress UAV is a provider of drone repair services and hopes this initiative will rival those of manned aircraft maintenance systems. The scheme, named Fortress UAV Protect, has been described by the company as a nose-to-tail preventative maintenance service. It will also provide check points specific to the particular drone model being serviced. Currently, drone models included in the maintenance program are the DJI Mavic Pro, the DJI
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FAA approves long distance drone flight to aid Hurricane Florence victims

ebee sensefly
The Federal Aviation Administration has approved long range drone flight to pilots helping victims from Hurricane Florence. According to a report by Bloomberg, insurance company, State Farm Mutual Automobile Association, was the first to be granted permission to fly long distance over a populated area. The FAA approved routine commercial drone operations two years ago, but has since restricted flights to short journeys at low altitudes away from people, all within sight of an operator on the ground. The reason for this exception to the rule this time is due to the destruction caused by the Hurricane, however, it could
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VIDEO: Serial investor Peter Jones speaks out on why he backed drone venture

Peter Jones
Dragon and Drone Safe Register investor Peter Jones has spoken about why he backed Mark Boyt's business. In the video, he uses a drone to inspect his own building and finds tiles that need replacing, saying if it wasn't for the use of drones he would not have known about the issue. Jones thinks the drone market is in an important place right now and believes the public will see more of the DSR and the drone industry working hand in hand. Jones invested £60,000 in Mark Boyt's Drone Safe Register for a 40% stake in the firm, valuing
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BREAKING NEWS: TV Dragons fight it out for stake in UK drone business

Mark Boyt and Peter Jones (002)
Dragons' Den star Peter Jones has invested £60,000 in Drone Safe Register, but he had to fight off competition from two other Dragons that wanted their own share in the online platform for CAA approved pilots. Tech tycoon Jones ended up agreeing a 40% equity deal with Drone Safe Register founder Mark Boyt in an episode of the BBC series aired last night. Mr Boyt entered the Den looking for an investment of £60,000 for a 20% share in the company. Mr Jones' investment values the company at around £150,000. Things started to heat up in the Den when both Jenny Campbell
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Centrik warns incident-free operators could be accident waiting to happen

UAS operators who boast a record of zero safety incidents could be at major risk of disaster, according to David Hunkin, head of UAS at operational management software provider Centrik. Hunkin expressed his concern that operators who aggressively push a zero-incident record are inadvertently discouraging proper safety reporting. He believes this puts both themselves and their co-workers in danger. He said: “Even the safest operator is likely to have an occasional near miss, so I worry that several companies in the UAS sector make bold claims of having had zero safety incidents over the past few years.” He continued: “I
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Aviation authority sends warning message to drone pilots

drone fire
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned that drone users who fly near wildfires ‘could get someone killed’. The FAA and U.S wildland fire agency described how some drones have caused firefighting aircrafts to ground due to them being flown in an unauthorised flight zone. The authorities said that this causes serious risk to first responders and anyone else in and around the fire. Authorised drone missions by the proper authorities can yield valuable information to firefighters by detecting hotspots, charting a fire’s spread and understanding the progress in controlling a blaze. Despite this, when an unauthorised drone is spotted,
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Drone safety tops the agenda as the FAI hears from industry leading speakers

FAI Drone Safety
Safety topped the agenda at the FAI International Drones Conference and Expo in Lausanne this weekend. A busy Saturday morning session focused on drone safety as the conference heard from eight speakers in the industry. The speakers honed in on the issues around organising airspace to ensure safe operation of drones whenever they fly. Yves Morier from the European Aviation Safety Agency took the floor first and explained the work involved in developing airspace for drones across Europe. He said: “U-Space will be a reality by 2019 with a step-by-step regulatory approach.” Florent Béron from Switzerland’s SkyGuide reinforced that message,
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Wildlife experts worried about drone disturbance of protected wildlife

Police and wildlife experts across the UK have become increasingly worried about the wellbeing of some protected wildlife following disturbances caused by drones. They have said that, particularly in Scotland, drones are being flown too close to certain sites which contain breeding birds and protected species. The Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW) Scotland has since stressed the importance of drone users understanding and following the law. It has said that some sites are given a special status which means making a disturbance, even if not done deliberately, a crime. A report by the BBC on Friday described how
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Leading drone professionals in the UK awarded NVQ diplomas for the first time

Employees at a digital consultancy firm have received NVQ diplomas from drone training experts after undertaking a UAV course. RUSTA awarded Amy Cheesman and Sophie Harwood of Waldeck Consulting with Proqual NVQ Level 4 diplomas. The pair were the ambassadors for Waldeck, completing their original UAV course in April 2017. Amy, a UAV and digital capture leader, and Sophie, a UAV and digital capture specialist at Waldeck Consulting, completed three of the NVQ course’s mandatory units. The mandatory units include demonstrating knowledge of regulations, safety issues, pre-flight processes and procedures, flight manoeuvres and emergency procedures. Sion Roberts, managing director at
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