President Trump’s visit grounds UAV flights across London

President Trump Holds Rally In Great Falls, Montana
Widespread flight bans have been confirmed ahead of President Trump touching down in the UK this week. The President of the United States is due to visit the south of England on Thursday and Friday, July 12 and 13, during which time drone pilots will be banned from operating in restricted areas. Restrictions of flying, including the operation of all drones, have been confirmed for areas across London and multiple locations in neighbouring counties, including Essex, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire for the visiting Head of State. The Civil Aviation Authority has urged all aviators to check restrictions before flying during
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FIVE MINUTES WITH: Airbus Aerial president, Jesse Kallman

A year on from its launch, Airbus Aerial has managed to carve out a position as one of the organisations driving market within the commercial drone space. Jesse Kallman, president of Airbus Aerial, a new business unit within Airbus, the global heavyweight in space and aeronautics, stepped into the role last May. Over the course of his career, Kallman has worked across various parts of the industry including research at Georgia Tech, federal policy at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), commercial UAS business at Airware, and advocacy with groups such as the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. Kallman told
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EXCLUSIVE: Education and enforcement crucial to ensure drone industry’s growth, claims CAA

Education and enforcement have been cited as the two most important factors in ensuring the continued development of drones in the UK’s airspace. British regulation body, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) told Commercial Drone Professional that drone users deviating from regulations fall into two factions: those doing so unknowingly and pilots knowingly ignoring the rules. The CAA’S Jonathan Nicholson, assistant director of communications, explained that, while hobbyists and commercial users flying outside the UK’s regulatory framework tar the industry with the same brush, cracking down on education and enforcement will ensure safe flying and will protect the industry’s reputation. He
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UK braces for fresh drone regulations

MP bids to cut prison signal
Commercial drone pilots and hobbyists have been advised to prepare for the imminent introduction of new UAV standards across the UK. The announcement was made at an event held by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and Drone Major Group at the House of Lords last week. The event, which was attended by BSI chairman Sir David Brown, Minister Baroness Sugg, and key figures from within the drone industry, outlined the updated standards. Technology publications Geospatial World reported that Drone Major’s, Robert Garbett, said: “After several years of work and global collaboration, detailed draft standards are expected to reach BSI Committee
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“‘Legislation has to change significantly’ to enable UAV growth,’ claims Airbus Aerial

In order for the commercial UAV industry to take steps forward, rule-making bodies need to make substantial alterations to regulations. Jesse Kallman, president of Airbus Aerial, a new business unit within Airbus, the global leader in space and aeronautics, told Commercial Drone Professional about the scope of legislation in relation to sector advancement. Aerial works primarily with commercial markets to gather aerial data on a much grander scale than current drone solutions on the market allow, and also provides advanced analytics. Kallman commented: “For drones to be a more common place I think legislation has to change significantly from rule
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NATS and Sky-Futures unite to deliver commercial drone pilot training across the UK

sky futures
One of the UK’s leading drone-based inspection services and training companies has partnered with national air traffic control provider NATS, to roll out a nationwide initiative. Sky-Futures has confirmed it has signed a deal with NATS in a bid to ‘change the landscape of drone training in the UK’ by delivering expert training to the burgeoning commercial drone sector and the emergency services. As businesses and public services increasingly seek to embrace the benefits of drone technology, the NATS and Sky-Futures partnership will deliver tailored, scenario-based training that will aim to set a new standard for the UK. As well
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BREAKING NEWS: Airports call for speedy adoption of European rulebook for drones

airport drones
International airports are collectively calling for an EU-wide strategy to regulate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. The EU Aviation Strategy, which has been a major driver of the development of new regulation on the use of drones, was first announced in December 2015. With the political agreement on the new EASA Regulation and the endorsement of the Helsinki Declaration by the aviation community late last year, the prospects for the EU’s rulebook on the use of drones have gathered further momentum. This morning ACI Europe, a European industry trade association which advances the collective interests of Europe's airports and
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EXCLUSIVE: Public acceptance is key to future success of technology, claims Consortiq

Negative public perceptions of automated, unmanned systems have been cited as one of the biggest challenges in bringing new technology to market, it has been claimed. Paul Rigby, CEO of bespoke unmanned vehicles specialist Consortiq, told Commercial Drone Professional that the unmanned technology that will shape the future of the robotic revolution is ready now, but public scepticism is causing delays for drone companies. According to Rigby, the public would be more accepting of the robotic revolution if there were changes in regulations. He told CDP: “Flying cars are real, they're happening, flying taxis are going to make it onto
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Pilot crashes commercial UAV into unmapped crane

British Construction Company Carillion Goes Into Compulsory Liquidation
A pilot carrying out a construction survey with an unmanned aerial vehicle collided with an unmapped crane, a report has found. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch, which examines and produces reports on air accidents in the UK, has revealed that the UAV struck the crane as the pilot, who had previously flown the pre-programmed mission at the site, had not taken into account the addition of a new crane. The 43-year-old pilot had planned the drone flight with four reference points above 400ft, higher than three existing cranes on the site. Following the safety visit, a new crane was erected
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‘Industry clampdown needed to ground illegal drone operators’

Unqualified drone operators are plaguing the commercial drone sector by swooping in with low ball prices and butting in on business, a leading drone expert has claimed. Sion Roberts, managing director of RUSTA, a Lincolnshire-based drone pilot training academy told Commercial Drone Professional that one of the biggest challenges facing the commercial drone sector is competition from illegal operators. Roberts explained: “That’s the frustrating thing for an operator. A lot of people are saying it's a race to the bottom. “You get a lot of illegal operators. For a job that perhaps costs £500 for a trained professional, the illegal
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