VIDEO: Researchers develop eye tracking glasses to control in-flight drone

Researchers from Pennsylvania, New York University, and collaborators have developed a system which enables users to control a drone with their eyes. The deep learning system uses NVIDIA GPUs to facilitate in flight drone control by a pilot directing their eyes in the direction they want the drone to travel. The footage shows a drone pilot demonstrating how the system works. In the footage, the researcher said: “We show how a set of glasses equipped with gaze tracker, a camera, and an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) can be used to estimate the relative position of the human with respect to
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South Korea’s first government drone project completed with SimActive

SimActive, a developer of photogrammetry software, has announced it enabled the first government drone mapping project in South Korea. Asia Aero Survey (AAS), a SimActive regional partner, used Correlator3D for the public survey delivered to the Korean National Geographic Information Institute (NGII) and the Korean Association of Spatial Information, Surveying & Mapping. Previously conducted using manned aircraft, a drone was preferred due to the difficulty in accessing the area of interest through traditional aerial and ground surveying methods. The NGII officially published guidelines for public surveying and mapping with drones in March 2018, with the AAS project being the first
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VIDEO: GET shows off its wireless in-flight charging system

GET, a leader in distance wireless power transmission, has released footage of its wireless charging systems in action. The video shows an electrically powered drone being recharged whilst in-flight via an efficient, safe, high speed recharging in a GET power hotspot. GET, the US corporation behind the system, has described how six minutes of charging equates to 25 minutes of flight time. The company is hoping its distance wireless charging technologies will enable drone delivery and other industry use.
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Intel investment to boost Delair’s data-driven drone software

delair 2
Commercial drone provider, Delair, has secured a round of an investment from Intel Capital which will be used to develop a data processing, visualisation, analytics and reporting service. Delair and Intel are collaborating on the Intel Insight Platform, a cloud-based digital asset management solution. The system leverages Delair’s suite of software analytics to speed Intel’s efforts to transform how businesses work using data captured from UAVs. The funding will be used to further accelerate the development and adoption of the Intel Insight Platform—a data processing, visualisation, analytics and reporting service that allows customers to store organise, share, and harness data
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