Delair unveils new large scale agriculture surveying UAV

Delair has released of a new drone platform specifically optimised for the agriculture industry, the Delair UX11 Ag. Built on the foundation of the successful Delair UX11 fixed-wing UAV, the new version combines long-range/BVLOS flight operations with highly accurate survey-grade mapping and plant data collection capabilities. The UX11 Ag uses enhanced centimetre-level geolocation along with operational characteristics, as part of its aim to become a cost-effective solution for large area farming and forestry. The full-featured drone includes sensing technologies and a multispectral camera for plant-level measuring, including bird level, biomass and chlorophyll. It supports a productivity-oriented workflow for long-range, multi-field
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AirWorks 2018: DJI and Microsoft build on partnership with Windows SDK launch

DJI and Microsoft took to the keynotes stage at this week’s Airworks conference to launch the public preview of their Windows SDK. The announcement was part of DJIs push to partner with industry leaders in order to enhance its ecosystem. The SDK sets out to enable drone solutions developers to wirelessly transfer images to Windows-powered edge devices, integrate and control drones and allow third-party payloads via Windows apps to bring real-time AI and machine learning capabilities to imagery from DJI drones. DJI hopes the move will 'exponentially' increase the way drones can be used and scaled up within an enterprise
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AirWorks 2018: DJI and Kespry announce Mavic 2 Pro stockpile measurement team-up

Kespry and DJI have announced a new partnership to offer the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone as part of the Kespry stockpile measurement solution for mining and aggregates companies. The solution will deliver Kespry’s autonomous flight and aerial intelligence experience for stockpile measurement using a DJI drone. Kespry hopes that the addition to its services will enable large aggregates and mining companies to standardise and capture stockpile data across all of its sites in the Kespry platform, while continuing to use the Kespry 2s drones to support mine and site planning operations. The company says the integration of data captured
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Kespry announces mining and aggregates inventory management availability

Kespry has confirmed the availability of its enterprise-grade inventory management for mining and aggregates companies. The new offering maximises profitability by enhancing the ability to monitor, reconcile, and manage inventory data across sites, product lines, and divisions. Additionally, its users can now reconcile data from their drone surveys with data from ERP and other systems of record for production and sales data. The data can then be used to make better production decisions, inform sales teams of available product, and reduce write-downs by finance teams. George Mathew, chairman and CEO at Kespry, commented on the news. He said: “Physical inventory
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New smartphone drone app to shake up UK farming market

Drone AG is launching an app to assist farmers by making walking fields a thing of the past. The app has been designed to scout fields for farmers, in a bid to save time and increase the detail of results with just a small drone and a smartphone. Once a field has been selected, the ‘Skippy Scout’ app flies the drone and collects high-res imagery at various points throughout its journey. The images are then downloaded straight to the user’s phone and can be analysed for growth stage, green area index, weeds and disease. Drone AG's Jack Wrangham said: “In
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Microwave beams could prove key in keeping drones airborne for longer

New research has found that microwave beams could be used to keep drones in the air for longer. Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have been developing technology which could see microwave beams powering drones from the ground. According to a report from The Engineer, this kind of technology breakthrough could open the door to continuous flight. This new method will oppose existing wireless power transfer methods which require very close proximity. The report from The Engineer goes on to describe how the new project, funded by the EPSRC and involving Qinetiq, is developing a technology that can transfer over 200W
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VIDEO: MSAB and URSA introduce new tech to acquire and analyse drone data

The XRY Drone, introduced following a collaboration between MSAB and URSA, lets investigators extract and analyse data from popular drone models being used for illegal activity. The technology aims to reveal flight paths, origin, behaviour and other critical information that can identify operators. As part of the development process, URSA, a geospatial intelligence company, and MSAB, a global leader in mobile forensics, worked together to produce the device. The XRY Drone is a new member of the XRY line of products which are widely used law enforcement professionals to recover and view data from mobile phones and other mobile devices.
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FLIR Systems announces new vehicle recon system

FLIR Systems has unveiled the FLIR Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System (VRS) designed to aid global military, government agency and first responder vehicle-mounted operations. Featuring the Black Hornet nano-UAV, the VRS enables the soldier to stay safe while maintaining situational awareness, threat detection, and surveillance. The Black Hornet combines with the VRS to create a real-time situational awareness (RSTA) airborne system for troops protected inside a vehicle. It also includes a launch unit that holds multiple UAVs which can mount to the exterior of any military vehicle, including armoured personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, and light utility vehicles. Operators inside
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UK University announces world leading professorship in autonomous systems and AI

Cranfield University in Bedford has announced plans for a world-leading professorship in autonomous systems and AI. The professorship will be a research leadership role at the University, bringing together research in UAV’s, space and artificial intelligence. The role will be sponsored by BAE Systems, a technology leader in this field. Julia Sutcliffe, chief technology officer at BAE Systems Air, said: “Autonomous systems and artificial intelligence have the potential to provide a substantial positive impact upon product, service, and industrial capabilities.” She added: “This prestigious appointment, in a growing and highly disruptive field, will enable BAE Systems to exploit the latest
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Kittyhawk secures £2.3m worth of funding to accelerate commercial drone operations

Kittyhawk, a drone operations software company, has secured $3m (£2.3m) worth of new funding from The Travelers Companies. The investment will go towards an accelerated effort towards commercial drone operations. This announcement follows its $5m funding round in June led by Bonfire Ventures in participation with by Boeing HorizonX Ventures. Uniquely, Travelers is an existing Kittyhawk customer and, since 2016, has used Kittyhawk’s software to become the nation’s largest insurance drone fleet operator, with over 600 drone operators. The additional funding will help Travelers improve inspections for daily claims and natural disasters, and ensure Kittyhawk will continue to unify the
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