VIDEO: Researchers develop eye tracking glasses to control in-flight drone

Researchers from Pennsylvania, New York University, and collaborators have developed a system which enables users to control a drone with their eyes. The deep learning system uses NVIDIA GPUs to facilitate in flight drone control by a pilot directing their eyes in the direction they want the drone to travel. The footage shows a drone pilot demonstrating how the system works. In the footage, the researcher said: “We show how a set of glasses equipped with gaze tracker, a camera, and an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) can be used to estimate the relative position of the human with respect to
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VIDEO: GET shows off its wireless in-flight charging system

GET, a leader in distance wireless power transmission, has released footage of its wireless charging systems in action. The video shows an electrically powered drone being recharged whilst in-flight via an efficient, safe, high speed recharging in a GET power hotspot. GET, the US corporation behind the system, has described how six minutes of charging equates to 25 minutes of flight time. The company is hoping its distance wireless charging technologies will enable drone delivery and other industry use.
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VIDEO: BSHARK launches new hydrogen-powered drone

BSHARK has partnered with MicroMultiCopter (MMC) to release a new hydrogen-powered drone. Named the Narwhal 2, the drone is an upgraded version of the hydrogen quad-copter with LTE module and 30km video transmission range. MMC manufactured the first hydrogen-powered drone, the HyDrone 1550, and provided production services to BSHARK for the new Narwhal 2. Based on aerial aluminium, the frame of Narwhal 2 is water-, dust- and fire-proof. Due to the device being powered by hydrogen, a metal-based PEM fuel cell is deployed instead of the graphite plate in order to accelerate power density. For storage, Narwhal 2 is equipped
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EXCLUSIVE: Dragons’ Den drone founder has no regrets about giving away double the equity he planned to

Mark Boyt, the founder of Drone Safe Register, has revealed how the success of Dragons’ Den has taken his company to the next level and justified his decision to give away significantly more equity than he originally wanted to.   Drone Safe Register (DSR) appeared on Dragons’ Den on Sunday night and successfully received backing from Peter Jones. Jones had to overcome tough competition from fellow Dragons’ Jenny Campbell and Tej Lalvani to secure the £60,000 investment for a 40% share in the business, valuing the company at £150,000. Boyt had only hoped to give away 20% of the business, but
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VIDEO: Global superstar Drake puts drones to work as part of his 2018 tour

2017 Toronto International Film Festival – “The Carter Effect” Premiere
Verity Studios’ micro drones have been used in Canadian rapper Drake's performances to create flying waves and drone swarms. Aiming to light up the stage, the drones, along with Drake, will tour 50 locations and perform to audiences of over 50,000 people. However, this is not a first for the Lucie micro drones which have already made their musical debuts on tour with Metallica and Circus Knie. ‘Elevate’, a song on Drake’s new album Scorpion, opens with the micro drones swarming onto the stage to surround Drake in a cloud of lights and, in another guest appearance, the Lucie micro
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Parrot strengthens its drone business solutions portfolio with two new platforms

Parrot has built on its business solutions portfolio with the release of two new platforms, announced at InterDrone. The senseFly eBee X and the Parrot ANAFI Work were launched with the promise “it’s not about the drone”, but overcoming business challenges in the sector instead. Executive vice president at COO of Parrot Group, Gilles Labossiere, thinks the move has highlighted the growth of the company. He said: “The enterprise-grade eBee X mapping platform and the ultra-compact 4K drone solution for every business, ANAFI Work, showcases the strength and breadth of the growing Parrot Business Solutions portfolio.” He added: “More than
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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Flock at London Data Science Festival 2018

Flock Cover Product Photo
The driving forces behind one of the UK's leading drone insurance providers has given a peek behind the scenes of the business. Flock’s CEO, Ed Leon Klinger, and data scientist, Courtenay Mansel, took to the stage at the Data Science London Festival, to talk about Flock’s technology and application. The talk covers the basics of Flock’s risk analysis and insurance platform, as well as the data science behind it, and its commercial applicability in the drone industry. The talk can be viewed below.
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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Intel etches name in the history books with record-breaking flight

In celebration of its 50th year of business, the Intel Corporation flew 2,018 Intel Shooting Star drones over its Folsom, California, facility, earlier this month. The drone light show set the Guinness World Records title for the most unmanned aerial vehicles airborne simultaneously, a record that has changed hands multiple times this year. “Several years ago, we had an idea of flying drones forming the Intel logo over our corporate headquarters, and here we are doing just that. It really speaks to the innovative spirit that Intel was founded on 50 years ago,” said Anil Nanduri, vice president and general
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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Drones set to work in Novichok investigation

Amesbury Couple Poisoned By Novichok Nerve Agent
The value of UAVs in major criminal investigations and police work has been reiterated after it was revealed that drones are being deployed in a bid to uncover vital evidence in the Salisbury nerve agent investigation. Wiltshire Police has bought in two UAVs to search a children’s play area for a canister that could contain Novichok. Dawn Sturgess, 44, and boyfriend Charles Rowley, 45, are believed to have fallen ill after finding a vial, syringe or tub used to carry the nerve agent in Salisbury. Ms Sturgess tragically passed away earlier this month. A video of the drone in action
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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Drones become eye in the sky to preserve one of the seven wonders

Drones have come to the aid of one of the world’s most famous landmarks in the name of conservation. Intel’s drones are being deployed to protect and preserve the Jiankou section of the Great Wall of China in partnership with the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation (CFCHC). An Intel Falcon 8+ drone is being used to carry out an aerial inspection and survey of the Jiankou section, capturing tens of thousands of high-resolution images of areas proven too difficult or dangerous for human access. A video of the project can be found below.
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