DJI rolls out knowledge quiz for drone operators in Hong Kong


DJI has introduced a knowledge quiz for pilots operating DJI drones in the Hong Kong airspace.

The firm says it has been designed to help drone operators learn and demonstrate understanding of basic safety rules and best practices before taking their drones to the skies.

It will require drone operators to answer a series of questions correctly about safe drone use before their next flight.

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The questions in the knowledge quiz are based on applicable regulations, rules and guidelines published by the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) for the safe operations of UAS.

Adam Welsh, head of Asia Pacific public policy at DJI, commented: “The majority of drone pilots fly safely and responsibly, but DJI has taken additional steps to provide new users an opportunity to learn and understand some simple safety rules and best practices as part of their initial flying experience.”

Adding: “DJI believes technology and education are the best tools to promote safer skies. In response to the call for safety enhancement initiatives by the CAD, the DJI Knowledge Quiz is an extension of our ongoing efforts and commitment to enhancing drone safety for operators as well as those on the ground.”

Starting tomorrow, all DJI drone operators in the country connecting their aircraft to the DJI GO or GO 4 flight control app will be presented with nine questions and must correctly answer all of them in order to be able to fly.

They can answer each question as many times as they wish until they get all the answers correct.

Visitors from overseas who fly their DJI drones in Hong Kong will also be prompted to take the knowledge quiz when they connect to the DJI GO or DJI GO 4 flight control app.

Last year, DJI launched the knowledge quiz in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

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