Drone operators across Europe receive first cross-state coherent rule book


Commercial and consumer drone operators across Europe can now look forward to a clear set of coherent rules.

As part of a statement, DJI which has been involved in the process along with other key stakeholders in the drone industry, thinks the new requirements will help make the sector stronger.

Christian Struwe, head of European public police at the Chinese manufacturer, commented: “We believe these new harmonised operational and technical requirements will help facilitate and foster an even stronger drone industry in Europe. Consumers will now be able to take their drones abroad without having to worry about differing rules from back home, and commercial operators will be presented with new territories in which to grow their business.”

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He added: “This new harmonised drone rulebook opens up the first chapter to increase aviation safety, grow drone operator compliance and understanding, and it keeps the European skies open to innovation. We look forward to being part of a successful, continuing story as the rules will come into force over the next four years.”

DJI went on to confirm that it is looking forward to see the opportunities that a consolidated framework creates and hopes it can provide technical expertise as well as other necessary assistance.

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