Drone solution considered for medicine delivery in Queensland outback


People in need of medicine in Queensland could soon have it delivered to them by drone.

A Drones in Health Care think tank was held on Tuesday and the talks were reported to have been promising with regards to the future use of drones.

A report from the Brisbane Times described how the RFDS head of clinical governance, Trent Dean, said the discussions gave them ‘plenty of ideas about what they could do in the near future.’

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Mr Dean told the news outlet: “We looked at things like how can we use drones to deliver medication to remote properties, how can we deliver lifesaving equipment as a first response, how can we use drones to do survey mapping for landing strips, record video and audio for teams on the ground.”

He added: “Our goal is to have something up and running within the next 12 months, so this is the start of a conversation.”

A number of drone developers and manufacturers attended the meeting which was organised by the World of Drones congress.

Catherine Ball from World of Drones Education said drone technology to deliver medicine was achievable now but working out the logistics took time.

The Brisbane Times report added how Mr Dean said that he hoped that in the next year they could work out the regulations around long-range drone operations.

Recently, CDP reported on how researchers at the University of Aberystwyth were looking into how drones could be used in rural Wales.

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