EXCLUSIVE: Evolve Dynamics develops “first droppable tether” solution


Evolve Dynamics has developed a drop and chase tether system in what it thinks is a world first.

Following successful testing, Evolve Dynamics founder, Mike Dewhirst, confirmed the new system can fit into its Sky Mantis drone with the swap of a standard battery.

The new system means a drone can fly in the air for up to 24 hours and, at any point, can drop the cable and chase a target for up to 30 minutes.

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Speaking exclusively to Commercial Drone Professional, Dewhirst said: “From what we’ve seen that is currently out there, we will have the world’s first droppable tether solution. There are a number of companies working on this and there are computer generated images of such aircraft but no real world photos of even a static system on a table. There may be something out there but none of our customer have seen it or heard of it.”

“We think it’s a game changer to have a 30 x zoom and thermal camera up at 100 meters for up to 24 hours, in any weather including strong winds and then be able to disengage the cable and follow the target for another 30-40 minutes without having to land.”

Evolve Dynamics mainly targets emergency and public service agencies with its drones.

Earlier this year, CDP reported on how, in developing the Sky Mantis, Evolve Dynamics and designed it on feedback given from police forces and emergency service bodies alike.

On the new tethering system, Dewhirst added: “It’s also a simple upgrade add-on to the existing aircraft, the Evolve Dynamics Sky Mantis, and does not require a whole other aircraft system to operate on a tether.”

The ground unit is also very compact and fits in a small day-pack size backpack. Power can be from a vehicle or a liquid fuel generator or AC mains power.”

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