Olea Sensor Networks offers new patent-pending guidance system


Olea Sensor Networks has launched the new OleaVision360.

The patent-pending guidance system has been designed for use on drones and other autonomous applications.

The company says the OleaVision360 is an innovative sensor that can continuously scan the drone’s surroundings and the terrain below using only one ultra-light weight sensor housed in a 100m device.

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It aims to provide situational awareness with a hemispherical field of view without the use of rotors or beam-forming technologies.

This single, low-cost obstacle avoidance sensor allows the drone to fly around obstacles in front or behind it with one-centimetre accuracy and a detection range of 20m.

Equipped with OleaVision360, a drone can accurately sense the terrain below it, offering true terrain following precision landing assistance without compromising effectiveness.

The solution could be significant for remote inspections in the mining, construction, engineering, agriculture and environmental industries when needing to view from a specific distance or height in order to avoid compromising the existing equipment and sensors already integrated in drones.

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