Skyports integral to medical drone delivery agreement in Belgium


Skyports, AZ Turnhout and City of Turnhout have announced a medical drone delivery agreement in Belgium.

It means that in September, drones will be used at AZ Turnhout to transport pathology samples and pharmaceuticals between the two major hospital sites during a unique trial project.

Skyports’ drones will transfer pathology samples and pharmaceuticals between various hospital sites that would otherwise be moved by traditional ground-based transportation.

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The project partners aim to start flight operations in September.

Duncan Walker, managing director at Skyports, commented: “Drone transport has the potential to improve the speed and efficiency of medical delivery by avoiding congestion and delays on busy

Skyports is currently working with hospitals and health care providers in various locations in Europe and Africa to establish a medical drone delivery network that it hopes can will help save lives and improve access to essential medical services for patients.

Skyports Managing Director Duncan Walker added: “We’re proud to be working closely with the City of Turnhout as well as the hospital and are looking forward to being one of the first within Belgium to demonstrate the value that drones can bring to the medical sector. By participating in the EU’s Smart City Initiative, we hope to help build a viable commercial drone delivery ecosystem in Europe.”

The project is part of an EU Smart City initiative on Urban Air Mobility (EIP-SCC) involving 42 cities across Europe. T

The Skyports Belgium project will be one of the first of its kind to actively trial drone flights between hospitals. If successful, this trial project could lead to permanent drone operations on a larger scale.#

Last year, CDP sat down with Duncan Walker and gained an exclusive insight into Skyports.

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