Unifly and Fortem Technologies collaborate in airspace safety plan


Fortem Technolgies and Unifly have collaborated to develop a joint airspace safety and security solution.

In a move to help push a drone-enabled society, the new end-to-end solution has been designed to allow UTM and U-space architectures to be used by public safety organisations to secure airspace.

Timothy Bean, CEO at Fortem Technologies, commented: “Recent security breaches have caused the demand for digitized airspace above a venue or across a city to skyrocket, particularly for solutions that can detect drones with no RF emissions.”

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He added: “Fortem SkyDome supports drone service providers like Unifly to pave the way for safe and secure drone operations in an urban environment.”

The news comes after Unifly recently announced Unifly BLIP (Broadcast Location and Identity Platform), an e-Identification sensor that detects position, altitude, temperature, pressure, speed and direction, when placed directly on a drone.

The information can then be accessed in real-time by relevant authorities, such as police officers or government organizations, through secured applications.

Laurent Huenaerts, general manager of Unifly, said: “Safety and situational awareness are the two key elements that come into play for organizations working to develop and deploy new drone technology.

“Combining Unifly’s solutions with Fortem’s is a milestone that will allow us to serve the needs of more stakeholders and accelerate towards the safe drone-enabled airspace we envision.”

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