1,000 drones used to create extraordinary TIME magazine cover

TIME magazine cover

Almost 1,000 drones took to the skies to create a historic magazine cover for TIME magazine as part of a special issue dedicated to the topic of UAVs.

Intel Shooting Star drones were used to achieve the design in what was unsurprisingly the first TIME cover in its 95-year history to be shot by a drone.

Intel confirmed that its team worked with TIME magazine early last month to replicate a massive, iconic TIME masthead and red border in the Folsom, California, sky.

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A total of 958 drones were programmed to the exact shade of red that TIME magazine uses, with each drone mapped on the computer before sent into the night sky. It is understood that the display represented one of the biggest drone shows ever produced in the US.

The June issue of TIME will include a special article contributed by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, highlighting the innovation, transformation and new perspectives that drones offer.

Watch the video of how the cover was put together below.

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