Drones central to BP’s new continuous methane measurement programme


Drones equipped with space-age sensors are part of a wave of advanced technology going into operation at BP.

It is part of the company’s new major oil and gas processing project in a programme to continuously measure methane emissions.

The high-tech kit will help BP continuously detect, measure and enable the reduction of methane emissions at new and existing BP-operated Upstream assets.

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The drones, helping BP’s crackdown on emissions, will live stream data thanks to highly-advanced on-board sensors developed by NASA.

Gordon Birrell, BP’s COO for production, transformation and carbon, commented: “This programme represents an industry first and reflects our commitment to be a leader in advancing the energy transition by maximizing the benefits of natural gas.”

Adding: “For gas to play its fullest role in the energy transition, we have to keep it in the pipe. This new technology will help us do that by detecting methane emissions in real time. The faster and more accurately we can identify leaks, the better we can respond and, informed by the data collected, work to prevent them.”

The continuous measurement of methane emissions marks a step change in the industry’s approach to tackling emissions of the potent greenhouse gas.

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