Over 50% of commercial drone flights will be conducted autonomously by 2022


Autonomous drones and hybrid propulsion innovations are set to drive the future of the sector, a new industry report has claimed.

The commercial unmanned aerial services market is experiencing a steady economic expansion due to disruptive innovations such as autonomous platforms, transitional drones, and hybrid propulsion.

Frost & Sullivan expects that by 2022 over 50% of global commercial drone flights will be conducted autonomously, operating much like warehouse robots operate today.

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This innovation will create new industry opportunities as drones will be used as a tool to make operations more efficient while drone maintenance and data security will become the prominent areas for revenue stream development.

Demand for commercial drones in North America will generate the most revenues with Asia-Pacific a close second.

“The UAS market is becoming an ecosystem focused on information and value-added services where the drone is a tool acting as a cog in the big data machine,” said Michael Blades, aerospace, defense, and security research director at Frost & Sullivan.

“Success in this ecosystem will be achieved by companies that can safely, quickly, and inexpensively provide high-grade data/information for real-time decision making.”

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, ‘Global Commercial UAS Market, Forecast to 2022’, focuses on global hotspots, technologies, forecast and trends.

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