88% of companies see ROI within 12 months of integrating UAVs, report reveals


Drones will quickly pay for themselves, despite the substantial outlays attached to integrating them into business, an industry report has claimed.

A Blue Research report, which was commissioned by commercial drone services and software provider Skyward, found that 88% of companies see ROI within 12 months of introducing drones to their business.

The online research from the Verizon company sampled 1,736 individuals working for companies with $50m (£37.5m) or more in revenue to understand the incidence of drone use.

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While 34% of surveyed participants stated that their company invested less than $10,000 (£7,500) in drone technology, 40% funnelled over $50,000 (£37,500) into UAV integration.

Nearly one in five respondents said they use or expect to use drones in the future and 84% said they expect their company’s total number of drone flights to increase this year.

The study suggests that drone use is on the rise across all industries, led by the construction and engineering sector with a 35% adoption rate.

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