A2Z Drone Delivery unveils new patented tethered freefall delivery drone


A2Z Drone Delivery, developer of a patented tethered freefall drone delivery mechanism, is launching its flagship product, the RDS1 (Rapid Delivery System).

The RDS1 maintains a safe hover of up to 150 feet (45.71 meters) while its delivery mechanism controls the payload’s freefall for a safe and accurate touchdown.

Offered as a modular add-on system or as a ready-to-fly platform based on the DJI Matrice 600 Pro, the RDS1 is designed for payloads up to 2kg.

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A2Z Drone Delivery said that, with a range of up to 3.5 km (2.2 miles), the RDS1 is ideal for rapid deployment of time-sensitive first aid and life-saving medical supplies.

It can also be used to deliver material to destinations where landing the drone is problematic, such as a tossing ship or dense forest.

The company said that its patented technology avoids some of the shortfalls of typical drone delivery operation.

These can include noise pollution caused by the drone rotors and a danger to people created by the spinning propellors.

“Our rapid delivery system is ideal for situations where a drone cannot safely approach close proximity to its delivery location such as delivering radios or medical supplies to a search and rescue team in a forest or as a more efficient option to deliver and retrieve port documents from awaiting cargo ships,” said Aaron Zhang, founder of A2Z Drone Delivery.

He continued: “While other drone delivery platforms are designed to hover close to the ground, our tethered free-fall delivery technique enables efficient and accurate placement without the UAV approaching people, structures or other obstructions like trees and wires.”

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