Aero Drone School provides training for Indonesian mining corporations

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Aero Drone School, a unit of Terra Drone Indonesia, has successfully completed drone training for two of the country’s biggest mining corporations.

The drone training was provided to PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara, which owns the second largest copper and gold mine in Indonesia, and PT Saptaindra Sejati, a leading coal mining contractor in the country.

It was conducted on ground at actual mining sites to ensure participants get field orientation that suits their work.

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Terra Drone Indonesia also provided training materials that were specifically designed to meet the needs of mining operations, such as reclamation area surveys, volume calculations, pit mapping, and multimedia.

During the course of 4 days, the participants were apprised with the basics of drone operations, drone regulations in force in Indonesia, safety factors and operating procedures, flight simulations, and the practice of piloting drones.

Terra Drone says it is committed to providing industry-standard drone training to create a safety-oriented drone ecosystem across the world.

The company will continue to cooperate with industry institutions and associations to improve the quality of the training and starting July 2019, Aero Drone School training program will be taken over by Terra Drone Indonesia.

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