AeroDefense drone detection to be used at MetLife Stadium


AeroDefense has revealed that it will provide its drone detection system to the MetLife Stadium to improve drone safety during events.

The MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Giants and New York Jets NFL teams as well as numerous concerts and sporting events, has selected AeroDefense’s AirWarden Drone and Pilot Detection, Location and Alert System to provide warnings for drones entering the stadium.

The system operates using radio frequencies to detect where both the drone and the controller are in order to notify the MetLife Stadium security.

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Daniel DeLorenzi, vice president security & safety services at the MetLife Stadium, said of the technology: “RF is currently the best solution to identify where the drone and operator are, and the only one that we found that can detect the drone and controller when the RF connection is first established.

“Therefore, it’s possible that we can detect the drone before it even takes off.”

Integrating the system presented a unique challenge to the AeroDefense team due to the amount of people that would be attending events at the stadium.

AeroDefense founding CEO, Linda Ziemba, said: “During NFL tailgating, the background RF noise at MetLife Stadium can be significantly greater than a normal urban environment.

“This is due to fans live-streaming television, using cell phones, dashcams, and even WiFi-enabled tailgating grills. So we’ve worked diligently with MetLife Stadium and our team of developers to optimize the detection capabilities of our AirWarden system.”

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