AeroDefense to stamp out drone-borne contraband in Indianan prisons


Drone detection specialist AeroDefense has been selected by Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) to put a stop to the ever-increasing problem of drone-borne contraband in its prisons.

Just last week in Mississippi, two were arrested for flying a drone carrying cannabis, a mobile phone and more contraband items into a penitentiary.

Now, in Indiana, AeroDefense’s AirWarden – a drone-and-pilot, detect, locate, and track system -at two sites and four facilities to decrease and ultimately prevent drug, mobile phone, and other drone-borne contraband delivery attempts.

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Unlike many drone detection systems on the market, AeroDefense said, its AirWarden technology detects and locates the drone and pilot simultaneously.

“We found that the AirWarden system is very consistent and accurate in detecting and locating drones and their controllers. Its ability to identify both commercially available and home-made drones made it a clear choice for us,” said Cory Winters, director of facility technology for IDOC.

He continued: “Through our collaboration with AeroDefense, we have seen their commitment to excellence in customer service and meeting the specific needs of the correctional environment. They provided us with a system that meets our need for both rapid and accurate detection, as well as accurate and effective reporting.”

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