Aerodyne gains ‘significant funding’ amid UAV industry ‘tipping point’


The Aerodyne Group, a global drone managed solutions provider, has announced it has secured significant funding from the Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (ADIF).

The undisclosed investment has been confirmed as ADIF’s largest into a single company, and represents an endorsement from them of the drone-based disruptive solutions that Aerodyne provide to a diverse range of industries.

Mohamad Idham Nawawi, group chief corporate officer of Axiata, said: “As strong collaborators with Axiata through ADIF, Aerodyne will continue to leverage on opportunities in its journey to become a formidable player in this new digital space.”

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Kamarul Nizam, a partner at ADIF, explained: “Of the 14 companies that ADIF has invested in, Aerodyne is the largest single investment to-date. Having known of and reviewed Aerodyne since mid last year, we are impressed by the technological prowess and ability to deliver at scale demonstrated by the company.

“We are convinced that drones and analytics will continue to be integrated into the workflows of multiple industries. The tipping point for the mainstream adoption of this technology is already at hand.”

The investment is earmarked for Aerodyne’s continued commitment to the development of next generation artificial intelligence in drone operations and analytics.

Kamarul A Muhamed, CEO of Aerodyne, added: “This is a huge vote of confidence for Aerodyne, and we are excited that they believe in the kind of positively disruptive innovation that we are already delivering to enterprises on a global scale.”

Axiata is one of Asia’s leading telecommunications groups with approximately 320 million subscribers in ten countries and 25,000 employees across Asia.

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