Aeronext and MMC form strategic alliance to increase market for industrial drones


Aeronext and MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology have formed a strategic alliance to increase the market for industrial drones in the Chinese market.

The move will come with drones equipped with Aeronext’s proprietary centre of ‘4D Gravity’ technology at the forefront of the work.

The 4D Gravity technology for centre of gravity control is a re-examination and development of the structure of UAV aircraft.

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Designers say it aims to represent stability and reliability not possible with conventional drones.

The companies say it means an expanded range of applications for drones, and have already announced several prototypes of drones equipped with 4D Gravity in the industrial drone ‘Next’ series, capable of a wide range of applications.

The partnership follows the news that in May, Aeronext established a new subsidiary, Aeronext Shenzhen, in an effort to enhance its 4D Gravity technology license business in the Chinese market.

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