Aircraft drone inspections could become industry norm by 2020


Aircraft inspection by drone could become mainstream within the next three years according to one industry specialist.

Christian Suttner, co-founder and managing partner of start-up incubator Starburst, thinks the industry should expect to see roll-outs by the end of 2019.

UK-based firm easyjet was an early adopter of drone based inspections and according to a report from MRO-Network, Suttner believes the industry will start to see it more and more.

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Speaking to MRO Europe in Amsterdam, Suttner said: “The second wave is coming. It will take them another year to work out their processes and another year for full roll out.”

A handful of specialist suppliers have already emerged in the market, including Donecle, Luftronix, Mainblades Inspections and MRO Drone which is a joint venture between Blue Bear and Output 42.

However, despite the build in excitement, drone inspections on aircraft can still only be carried out in hangars due to health and safety laws.

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