Airprox report reveals new 50ft drone near-miss with Ryanair jet


The latest report published by the UK Airprox Board describes a new ‘near-miss’ incident between what was believed to be a drone and a Ryanair passenger jet.

Heading into Stansted airport above London, the report details how the B737 pilot described that they were being vectored for RW22 when the captain called ‘drone’.

The FO subsequently reported that they looked up and saw a dark coloured square or rectangular shaped object pass down the right side of the aircraft with minimal separation.

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The airframe was inspected on the ground after landing for any evidence of suspected contact or damage, none of which was observed.

The Airprox report goes on to outline how the incident was reported to ATC immediately after making visual contact and, following confirmation, ATC confirmed they would be filing a report.

If the object involved was a drone, it would mean that the pilot was flying illegally at above 400ft and therefore putting other nearby aircraft at risk as well.

The Board agreed that the incident was therefore best described as the drone was flown into conflict with the B737.

Discussing the risk involved, the board concluded its report in stating: “The pilot’s overall account of the incident portrayed a situation where providence had played a major part in the incident and/or a definite risk of collision had existed.”

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