AirWorks 2018: Watch DJI and American Airlines inspection demo with new Mavic Enterprise


As part of the media day before the official start of AirWorks 2018, CDP gained access to a demonstration by DJI and American Airlines on how drones can be used to carry out aircraft inspections.

Using the new DJI Mavic Enterprise, the DJI pilot flew the drone around an American Airlines plane to highlight how UAVs can make the inspection easier and save huge amounts of time and money.

The footage captured by the drone was projected onto a TV screen for the media to see and ,for the sake of the demonstration, it found a small sticker acting as a fault on the plane.

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The drone then zoomed in and around of the supposed fault to showcase how it would work in a real life setting, outlining how the drone could capture up close imaging of the problem and transfer that data back for a team to analyse on the ground.

Following the demonstration, American Airlines representatives discussed how the usual inspection would take three men around two shifts (10-12 hours each) to complete, and went on to describe how doing the inspection by drone could at least half the time.

Watch the footage CDP captured at the American Airlines hangar at Dallas Fort Worth Airport here:

As part of the demo, American Airlines discusses what benefits the new Mavic Enterprise could bring to aircraft inspection.

Read CDP’s full story on the new release here:

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