AirWorks 2020: DJI and Shell partner on energy industry drone innovation plan


DJI has announced a Solution Development Partnership with Shell Oil Company.

As part of a virtual AirWorks this year, the companies detailed that the partnership has been formed to create, test and deploy DJI drone technology at its Deer Park Manufacturing Complex to improve efficiency and worker safety during industrial inspections and emergency incident response.

Cynthia Huang, director of business development at DJI, said: “As one of the world’s largest energy companies, Shell has provided us with valuable insight into the unique challenges of conducting aerial inspections at one of its largest facilities where infrastructure exceeds the height of 250 feet off the ground.

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“Through our collaboration, DJI will receive valuable first-hand insight into the complexities of deploying drone technology at a world-class refinery, and co-develop new product features like AI Spot-Check that will allow Shell and other innovative energy companies to use drones to safely and easily conduct required inspections of critical infrastructure.”

Already a pioneer in using drone technology, the Shell Deer Park drone team adopted DJI drones in 2016 to reduce the need to work at height while improving safety and cutting the cost of inspections in the process.

As a Solution Development Partner, Shell will work with DJI to develop and test advanced drone solutions, like the DJI Matrice 300 RTK, that allow workers to automate required inspections of critical infrastructure like flare tips and floating roof tanks whose condition and activity are difficult to assess from ground level.

The team’s chief pilot, John McClain said: “Shell Deer Park is excited to become a Solution Development Partner with DJI as we continue to adopt drone technology.

“Through this partnership, Shell Deer Park will have access to some of the most advanced drone technology from DJI to help elevate workplace safety and improve efficiency across our operations in the world’s largest industry.”

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