AirWorks 2020: New Developer Tools


With 20,000 active developers and more than 1,000 published apps compatible with DJI drones, DJI announced improvements to its software development kit (SDK) tools.

The move will enable third-party developers to create industry-specific applications, providing more access to DJI’s resources, and exploring and testing new cooperation methods.

DJI’s new UX SDK changes the way developers and enterprises interact with DJI’s software and gives them more control over their DJI drone fleet – enabling them to meet stringent security requirements and ship unique, integrated software that meets the most demanding enterprise requirements.

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Throughout the conference, leading DJI partners and customers will highlight their unique approaches to integrating and innovating drone technology to help organizations save time and money and improve worker safety.

Click HERE to get the lowdown on what DJI announced in its opening keynote.

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