All Call Signs military veteran communication app teams up with Drone Safe Register


All Call Signs, a peer-to-peer communication app for military veterans and in-service personnel, has teamed up with Drone Safe Register.

The partnership will see the DSR provide access to its operator network for All Call Signs’ ‘Beacon’ artificial intelligence app.

Beacon is an AI application which helps get veterans and service personnel back to safety when they go missing or are at work.

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It has grow to a network of nearly 5,000 members and enables others in the military community and civilians to assist police and other search assets.

Mark Boyt, CEO at Drone Safe Register, described the move as “a huge step in ensuring the wellbeing of our nation’s heroes.”

He continued: “All Call Signs are doing amazing work in improving the wellbeing of those who have served. If our network of professional drone operators can help in any way, then we’re honoured to play a part in what is a proven system.”

Dan Arnold, co-founder of All Call Signs, commented: “When a Beacon goes out, every second counts. Through this new partnership, we can get eyes in the sky before we put boots on the ground.”

He added: “We have previously utilised UAV assets in Beacon searches and they’ve proven invaluable, so we are really pleased to offer nationwide coverage using the Drone Safe Register to bolster our ability to reach at-risk individuals when they need us most.”

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