Altitude Angel and Airmate create UTM solution


Altitude Angel and Airmate have announced a new partnership with the aim of creating a ‘unified traffic management’ solution.

The system will allow manned aircraft and drones to see one another, in what is believed to be the world’s first software that shows both.

The companies believe this is an important step towards maximum safety in the skies, now that drones are becoming so prevalent.

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Currently, pilots of private aircraft will be able to use the Airmate app to plan, manage and track flights. Meanwhile, Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM platform lets drone pilots submit flight reports and request flight approvals.

Through this new partnership, pilots of manned aircraft and drones will be able to see one another through Altitude Angel’s Conflict Resolution Service (CRS).

Potential conflicts will be shown, and alternative routes offered. It will also allow drones to fly beyond the line of sight.

Richard Parker, Altitude Angel CEO and founder, said: “Over the last 12 months Altitude Angel has been the first to develop and launch key ‘technological pillars’ of UTM, including strategic and tactical deconfliction, which will serve as the foundation of the industry for years to come.

“Through our cloud platform, we provide services to a growing community of concerned and conscientious companies and individuals operating drones and aircraft worldwide.

“We’re committed to increasing our picture of the sky by continuing to integrate real-time airspace data into our platform. Our partnership with Airmate is a crucial step forward and will allow us to supplement our tracking data for non-ADS-B and radar feeds to enhance our airspace alerts further.”

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  1. I work in the Wi-Fi VoIP and embedded device space, the technology in drones is very similar to voice/video over Wi-Fi in mobile embedded devices and I am interested to learn more about commercial drones.

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