Altitude Angel completes involvement in ‘hugely successful’ U-Space project


Altitude Angel has completed its involvement in the SESAR Joint Undertaking GOF U-SPACE project.

It declared the trials were a ‘huge success’ and an ‘amazing showcase’ of its UTM technologies.

The project’s demonstration phase has ended after several advanced drone operational scenarios took place across Estonia and Finland throughout July and August.

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The demonstrations, which showcased the most ‘attractive use cases’, involved both manned and unmanned aircraft in shared airspace, relying on systems such as Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM O/S to remain safe.

Altitude Angel was a key UTM partner for the trials, providing services which included integration to the flight information management system (FIMS) for the transport of flight plans, telemetry/position reports, AIM, as well as alerts and registration data to-and-from the drone operators and manned aviation which were involved in the trials. 

Head of products at the company, Simon Wynn-Mackenzie, said: “We’ve been working with the SESAR team for over a year on this project.  It’s been a great few months in Finland and Estonia supporting the live demonstrations which have been huge success and an amazing showcase of our world leading UTM technologies.”

Adding: “Not only did the scenarios give us another opportunity to demonstrate our production UTM platform in another real-life environment, they went a long way to showing the public how drones can be used in a positive and socially beneficial way on a daily basis.”

Altitude Angel was able to demonstrate its unified traffic management platform across a number of scenarios which varied in scope and range, and included: urban drone fleet operations with police intervention, long-distance multisensory inspection flights over forests, urban drone operations in controlled airspace, powerline inspection in rural areas, maritime search and rescue, and international parcel delivery.

The demonstration series concluded with an urban Volocopter air taxi flight around the Vantaa International Airport, Helsinki.

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