Altitude Angel is the UTM Provider for India BVLOS Trials


Altitude Angel, a UTM (Unified Traffic Management) technology provider, has announced its GuardianUTM Enterprise platform will be utilised by a further three consortiums trialling Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations in India.

Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM Enterprise platform is now powering half of the eight consortiums involved in trials approved by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India, along with other security and regulatory agencies.

Following last month’s announcement that the Blue Dart consortium would be deploying GuardianUTM Enterprise as part of the ‘Medicine from the Sky’ initiative during which drones, operating BVLOS, will deliver vaccines and emergency medical supplies from a district hospital to a primary healthcare centre, Altitude Angel has been retained by two consortiums headed by Dunzo and one by Flipkart Air.

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Dunzo Med Air and FlipKart Air are also participating in the ‘Medicine from the Sky’ trials. Altitude Angel will provide its GuardianUTM Enterprise platform to both consortiums as they conduct BVLOS drone operations, including the delivery of life-saving vaccines. The project’s impetus will be to enable healthcare deliveries, including COVID-19 vaccines, to different districts in the State of Telangana.

Dunzo Digital is a Bengaluru-based hyperlocal delivery company using GuardianUTM Enterprise to conduct over 100 hours of BVLOS trials during which its UAVs will carry loads, including food and medical packages. The trials will be conducted over a period of three months in Karnataka, with the GuardianUTM Enterprise platform used for flight planning, authorisation and situational awareness for both Dunzo and the authorities associated.

Olivier Quero, Altitude Angel, Regional Sales Manager, said: “It’s fantastic Altitude Angel has become the ‘go-to’ provider of UTM services in India. The potential for drones across the country is huge. The BVLOS trials our GuardianUTM Enterprise platform is helping to facilitate will go a long way in demonstrating the opportunities drone operations can bring.”

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