Altitude Angel launches UTM conflict resolution service in ‘world first’


Altitude Angel has announced it is to launch the world’s first UTM ‘conflict resolution service’ as an API.

The company says that in doing so, it has taken a huge step towards allowing automated drone flights to become a day-to-day reality.

Using the service, Altitude Angel detailed that it gives the pilot or operator the ability to securely check for conflicts in their drone flights quickly and easily, using the firm’s tried-and-trusted safety technology.

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Available via Altitude Angel’s developer platform and powered by its GuardianUTM operating system services, the Conflict Resolution Service (CRS) addresses some of the key risks which prevent BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) operations today.

As part of the release, the company claimed that if concepts such as Amazon drone deliveries and Uber’s flying taxis are to be realised, there is an immediate need to make sure the thousands of drones in the sky are operating safely and can manage circumstances where a conflict might arise either pre-flight or during flight.

It went on to say that CRS, which comes in a strategic class launching on July 23 and tactical class which launches in September, could do that.

Richard Parker, Altitude Angel’s CEO and founder, commented: “The launch of our Conflict Resolution Service cannot be underestimated. It is a massive step forward, a ‘game changer’, for not only Altitude Angel, but for the future of automated flight. The ability for drones and automated aircraft to strategically plan flights, be made aware of potential conflict, and alter their route accordingly is critical in ensuring safety in our skies. This first step is all about pre-flight coordination, between drone pilots, fleet operators and other UTM companies.”

He added: “The tactical component of CRS answers the biggest challenge BVLOS flight brings; how do you deal with the unexpected.  Being able to predict and resolve conflict mid-flight by providing appropriate and timely guidance will revolutionise automated flight.  CRS is one of the critical building blocks on which the drone and automated flight industries will grow.”

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