Altitude Angel offers clearer picture of the skies with new API

Altitude-Angel-Surv API

UTM provider Altitude Angel is aiming to give a “truly comprehensive real-time picture of the airspace” with its new surveillance API.

The British company claims its new service allows integrators to both share and receive flight data from a variety of sensors and devices in near real-time.

This means that commercial drone manufacturers, flight app developers and drone fleet operators can send aircraft surveillance data or position reports directly to Altitude Angel.

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The data is then standardised and correlated with other data sources in its network, meaning everyone using the software has a clearer view of the skies, increasing safety.

The technology is also connected to Altitude Angel’s other services, which provide air traffic control-like instructions to drone pilots, helping users avoid collisions.

Richard Parker, Altitude Angel CEO and founder, said: “By offering our surveillance API to developers and manufacturers, we’re taking another significant step towards providing a single-point-source-of-truth which is needed to realise routine, automated drone flights.

“By using this API, implementors can benefit from the tremendous ‘fusion’ capability in the system and will receive enhanced position data back. Data can then be routed into other functions offered by the GuardianUTM cloud platform, including tactical conflict resolution and Airspace Alerts.”

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