Altitude Angel reveals in-flight collision warning system


Altitude Angel has expanded its Conflict Resolution Service (CRS) with tech that helps operators and unmanned drones to ‘deal with the unexpected’ mid-flight.

The unmanned traffic management provider has announced that it will introduce Tactical Deconfliction service API, providing data on potential in-air conflicts to pilots and drones in real-time.

The new Tactical CRS will provide alternative flight plans in real-time based upon other drones in the area allowing pilots to avoid in-air collisions.

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Altitude Angel hopes that the new Tactical CRS will help mitigate drones’ inability to manage obstacles such as manned aircraft, other drones and closed airspaces by providing key information during flights.

The system works by monitoring the airspace around a drone in-flight for any obstacles before providing that data to pilots via alerts or directly to a drone’s flight control system, ensuring that there are no mid-air collisions.

The new system follows the launch of the Strategic CRS, which provides conflict resolution information to operators during the flight planning phase, allowing routes and flight times to be organised based around geofenced areas or other previously submitted flight plans.

CEO and founder of Altitude Angel, Richard Parker, said: “We continue to make available advanced technologies which help to solve the fundamental blockers preventing the integration of routine automated beyond visual line-of-sight flights into our skies.

“Tactical CRS enables fleet operators to quickly and easily integrate complex tactical avoidance guidance at a fleet-level or higher, helping to ‘tick the box’ on safety factors previously blocking widespread adoption.”

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