Altitude Angel to deliver UTM services in Canada after SUGU Drones selection

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Altitude Angel is to provide UTM services to Canada’s leading drone flight operations and training institute, Sugu Drones.

Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM airspace management platform will be used to power Sugu Drones with accurate, real-time and relevant geospatial & flight awareness data for its in-house developed flight planning and logging platform.

In addition to geospatial data, Altitude Angel will also provide Sugu pilots with live, interactive airspace alerts which will inform its drone operators when manned flights are due to intersect with the proposed flight plan.

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Richard Ellis, chief business office at Altitude Angel, said: “We are excited Sugu Drones has chosen to integrate our GuardianUTM API into its innovative platform, giving drone operators in Canada access to the most accurate, reliable and trustworthy data available.”

Adding: “GuardianUTM makes it easy for innovators, like Sugu Drones, to incorporate real-time, high-quality and accurate data into their applications to enable safe flight operations. This allows our customers to focus on what’s important to them, delivering high-quality applications to drone operators.”

While Soreign Jackson, Sugu Drones’ VP for business development, commented: “We looked at several providers, but it was clear Altitude Angel are the best-in-class at delivering proven, real-time data and UTM services. As we grow our platform in several of our business verticals, it is important we have faith in the strength and reliability of our supplier’s solutions and vision.”

Concluding: “With Altitude Angel it is unquestionably there. The future is also looking even brighter, with our plans to expand and incorporate real-time air traffic integration, allowing our operations to use a world-leading UTM system.”

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