Altitude Angel’s airpace user portal enabled at six UK airports


Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM O/S platform, a solution for enabling drones to be integrated safely into the sky, has been enabled at six airports in the UK.

The product powers NATS’ Airspace User Portal (AUP) by simplifying the process through which drone users can request permission to fly in otherwise restricted airspace.

Rather than writing a letter or phoning the airport or air traffic controllers to request permission weeks in advance, AUP aims to give users streamlined access.

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By making the process electronic, Altitude Angel hopes the UK can open its skies to increasingly sophisticated drone operations, such as on-airfield inspections of aircraft by drone, or railway inspections and deliveries in areas off the airfield.

In connecting airports, air traffic controllers, security services and drone pilots, as well as offering automated decision-making and quicker turnaround times, it hopes to enable NATS to lay the foundations for fully automated drones in the coming years.

Richard Parker, CEO and founder at Altitude Angel, said: “We’re excited the AUP system, powered by our GuardianUTM O/S platform, is now live and ready to take requests from drone pilots to operate within the restricted airspace in and around six of the UK’s busiest airports.

“This is not just about drones, it’s about unifying airspace. AUP is a world leading single-point request and authorisation tool which will help NATS process an increasing number of requests using automation, electronically, and in a scalable manner.

He added: “The UK’s airspace management is complex, and often multiple agencies need to be involved in granting permission. GuardianUTM O/S supports all the functionality required to deliver national drone traffic management capability to any country which wishes to safely unlock the potential of drones.”

By providing a common platform and the option to integrate with emerging drone-defence and detection systems, the firm says this roll-out enables the potential to mitigate against another ‘Gatwick’, and help to provide the safeguarding airports need, while enabling the drone industry to flourish.

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