Amazon to offer ‘home surveillance drones’ following patent approval


Amazon has been granted approval for a patent that will see the tech giant deliver drones capable of carrying out home surveillance.

The patent, which was first applied for by Amazon in 2015, was approved on June 4.

Although the plans remain in the early stages, the patent suggests that in the future users will be able to order drones to perform tasks such as checking for doors left open and broken windows when they are away from their home.

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In cases where something suspect is found, a message or phone call would then be sent to the homeowner and local authorities.

The company says it will take steps to ensure that people who do not wish their homes to be taped will not be compromised by using geofencing, which draws a virtual boundary around the property under surveillance such that others properties are not taped.

And spokesman John Tagle has dismissed concerns that consumer privacy may be breached by the drones.

He said: “Some reports have suggested that this technology would spy or gather data on homes without authorisation.

“To be clear, that’s not what the patent says. The patent clearly states that it would be an opt-in service available to customers who authorise monitoring of their home.”

This is just the latest foray into drone technology for the Seattle based firm, with it hoping to have its fleet of Prime Air delivery drones operating within a few months.

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