ANALYSIS: How hot is DJI’s new Mavic 2 Enterprise drone?

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DJI this week unveiled the much-anticipated Mavic 2 Enterprise, a portable drone with uniquely powerful features designed for businesses, governments, educators and professional pilots. Here’s our lowdown on what operators can expect from the newest addition to DJI’s enterprise portfolio.

The Mavic 2 Enterprise was given its first airing at AirWorks this week. It features an ultra-compact and foldable design with an array of advanced controls and accessories that extend users’ capabilities during critical operations like firefighting, emergency response, law enforcement, and infrastructure inspections.

Powerful imaging with 2x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom

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Mavic 2 Enterprise carries a high-resolution, 12-megapixel camera that is stabilised by a three-axis gimbal for smooth, stable video and images. Designed for dynamic operations, the camera extends the pilot’s sense of sight with a 2x optical and 3x digital zoom capability. This zoom technology profoundly improves the ability of drones to identify and inspect dangerous or difficult areas, as well as to help emergency services protect life and property.

A modular tool that extends the capabilities of drone technology

Mavic 2 Enterprise allows new DJI accessories to be securely mounted to the drone’s body and is operated through the flight control app. These accessories open new paths for pilots to communicate and work from the air, moving drones beyond imaging tools and into configurable platforms that enhance aerial productivity. Enterprise accessories include a dual spotlight with a brightness of 2,400 lumens, a loudspeaker with a maximum projection of 100 decibels and a beacon featuring a bright flashing strobe visible three miles away.

Enhanced data security features

Mavic 2 Enterprise incorporates 24GB of onboard data storage and password protection, creating accountability for all access to the drone’s functions and stored data. When Password Protection is enabled, users are required to enter their password each time they activate the drone, link the remote controller with the drone, and access the drone’s onboard storage, giving them full, exclusive use and enhanced security. A new GPS timestamping feature encodes the time, date, and location of every recorded image, aiding in pilot accountability and ensuring that data captured by the drone can be trusted and used in situations from reviewing critical infrastructure inspections to potential legal proceedings.

Cutting-Edge technology to improve airspace safety

Every Mavic 2 Enterprise comes equipped with DJI’s AirSense technology to help improve pilots’ situational awareness and enhance airspace safety. AirSense uses an integrated receiver to automatically alert drone pilots of ADS-B signals from nearby airplanes and helicopters, providing real-time positioning alerts through the DJI Pilot mobile app. This provides an extra level of safety for professional drone operators who fly in congested airspace or near complicated operations, such as wildfire suppression, disaster recovery and infrastructure monitoring. DJI AirSense is a key system to help ensure drones remain a safe addition to the skies.

Price and availability

The retail price of a Mavic 2 Enterprise Universal Edition, which includes an aircraft, a remote controller, one battery, all three mountable accessories and a protector case with flight tools, is £2,069. A Fly More Kit, which includes two batteries, one battery charging hub, one car charger, one USB connector, one soft case and two propellers is also available to users for £399. Mavic 2 Enterprise is available for purchase through authorised DJI Enterprise resellers worldwide.

The user’s view

James Rees, alliance drone team sergeant, Devon & Cornwall Police: “In Devon & Cornwall and Dorset, I can see the use and deployment of drones going from strength to strength. They create opportunities for us to look at the way we approach each incident and then how we manage those incidents more effectively and with fewer risks. The Alliance Drone Team and I feel confident that the feature set of the new Mavic 2 Enterprise will mean that it will add value to a wide variety of police operations.”

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