Animal Dynamics adopts Centrik – The management system of choice for UAS operators


Animal Dynamics is currently developing a last-mile focussed UAV

Animal Dynamics, the bio-inspired engineering company, has adopted Centrik to manage all facets of its increasingly complex operation as the business continues to grow.

Animal Dynamics occupies a unique place in the UAS sector, using flight mechanics found in nature to build efficient and robust products with a low environmental impact. The company is currently commercialising STORK, an autonomous cargo delivery system for military and commercial use, designed to reduce the need to deploy people in hazardous environments. As the company moves towards delivering its first production vehicles, implementing a powerful operational management solution was key to ensuring STORK operates effectively and safely.

Craig Lippett, Head of Compliance at Animal Dynamics, says: “We wanted to instil a rigorous safety culture throughout the business, as our UAVs will being doing dull, dirty and dangerous jobs which emphasise the importance of safety. Centrik gives a centralised system powerful enough to manage every aspect of our operation but is also intuitive and straightforward for everyone to use.

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“Centrik has a reputation as the management system of choice for unmanned aviation, both because of its comprehensive functionality and ease of use, as well as its close relationship with various regulators around the world.”

Initially developed for civil aviation, Centrik is the only fully ICAO and CAA-compliant solution that caters to UAS operations. With online and offline accessibility, the system removes the need for disparate programs and paper or email-based processes, replacing them with a cloud-based solution offering comprehensive, fully configurable functionality.

Through Centrik’s modular architecture, Animal Dynamics can manage and monitor workflows, tasks, equipment and logbooks, create detailed flight logs, perform pre-flight checks, conduct risk and safety assessments, and quickly and easily manage and trace all pilot training and currency records.

Centrik has also helped Animal Dynamics to simplify its audit processes. By providing third party access to its Centrik system, independent audit teams have complete operational oversight, with instant access to current versions of all related documents needed to evidence necessary regulatory and safety compliance.

“The more we’ve used Centrik, the more we’ve seen how much it can do – it is way more than simply a safety management system. It’s a tool that offers us complete control, and one that the team at Centrik has worked hard to specifically configure to our needs. The level of support we’ve received has been exemplary,” adds Lippett.

The Animal Dynamics range of autonomous UAVs combines parafoil technology with ground-breaking autonomy software. STORK is designed to balance weight and endurance to carry large payloads over long distances, which makes it ideally suited to last-mile resupply missions and humanitarian relief, replacing any need for costly manned aircraft flights in areas lacking effective transport infrastructure.

In 2021 the company will continue to grow its workforce, and all members of the team having their own Centrik login and personal dashboard thanks to the scalability of the technology.

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