Applanix brings proven aerial tech solutions to UAV operators

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Mobile mapping and positioning solutions provider Applanix will use the upcoming Commercial UAV Expo as a springboard to further promote its range of latest product launches.

This year at Commercial UAV Expo 2018, which is taking place in Amsterdam next week, Applanix will showcase its recently expanded product line of OEM boards for Direct Georeferencing (DG) and professional-grade mapping from UAVs (APX-15 UAV, APX-15 EI, APX-18, and APX-20), which will offer operators new ways to use their platform and completely new commercial opportunities.

Applanix’s latest APX product line also includes POSPac UAV and UASMaster Photogrammetry software –both designed specifically for professional unmanned aerial mapping and which help ensure that UAV operators get high-accuracy, high-efficiency results for even the most difficult jobs.

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A spokesperson for the company said: “The challenge facing commercial UAV providers today extends well beyond creating top-grade, versatile solutions; it’s equally critical to communicate the solutions’ true value to a broad industry of new adopters.

“Our DG technology is long established and proven in the manned space (such as with Applanix’ POS AV airborne solution). However, it was too large and heavy to be a payload for a small UAV. Now, by bringing the same core capabilities to smaller, lighter, powerful DG OEM boards, we can bring the same benefits we brought to manned aerial surveyors to the UAV operator.”

DG technology from Applanix brings new sources of revenue to UAV operators while reducing risk to human personnel. A new potential user-group must be well-informed about the benefits and versatility of DG, and it’s our job to show them what an investment in UAV mapping technology can do for them.

Applanix is committed to supporting the growth and development of the unmanned marketspace – specifically as it pertains to aerial mapping and surveying, and believes that by connecting with other prominent industry leaders, engaging directly with end-users, sharing ideas, and conducting discussions with field experts, it’s possible to foster creativity and innovation in both UAV technology and the introduction and advancement of new commercial UAV applications.

Applanix’s stand number at the Commercial UAV Expo EU is 200 and 202.

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