Altitude Angel to deliver UTM services in Canada after SUGU Drones selection

Sugu Press Release image
Altitude Angel is to provide UTM services to Canada’s leading drone flight operations and training institute, Sugu Drones. Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM airspace management platform will be used to power Sugu Drones with accurate, real-time and relevant geospatial & flight awareness data for its in-house developed flight planning and logging platform. In addition to geospatial data, Altitude Angel will also provide Sugu pilots with live, interactive airspace alerts which will inform its drone operators when manned flights are due to intersect with the proposed flight plan. Richard Ellis, chief business office at Altitude Angel, said: “We are excited Sugu Drones has
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UAVOS confirms successful test of UVH-170 unmanned helicopter high altitude flight

UVH 170
The UVH - 170 unmanned helicopter of UAVOS has proven its value to mountainous areas operations by flying surveillance missions at an altitude of 16,400ft (5000m). The UVH-170 has successfully conducted its first high altitude flight reaching out to the height of 16,400ft (5000m). The rotary-wing platform was carrying the Gyro-stabilized two-axis gimbal with integrated Radio data link. The payload was of 8,800lb (4kg) weight, the flight time was two hours and the climb rate over 1m/s was from 13,120ft to 16,400ft (4000m to 5000m). The UAV high altitude capability has been achieved through modifying the fuel injection system of
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WATCH: DJI and Shell partner for smarter and safer operations

Shell has partnered with DJI in a move to attain smarter and safer drone operations. In announcing the move, the companies explained how in the oil and gas industry, safety is the number one priority. From inspecting vast tank farms to the soaring tops of flare stacks, safety measures are paramount and necessary to safeguard workers against potential hazards. Shell is just one company implementing new drone technology to provide smarter insights and safer operations. The company's own Drone Aerial Response Team (D.A.R.T) share their drone story, from starting their program to thoughts on how DJI's new Matrice 300 RTK
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SPECIAL REPORT: Drones and Insurance in partnership with Coverdrone

This month's Special Report focuses on drones and the insurance space that serves the industry. In partnership with Coverdrone, CDP gets an exclusive, expert insight into both the commercial and recreational insurance space. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL REPORT. We also get a look into how the claims process works and how technology in the form of the Coverdrone app can assist businesses and drone pilots. It forms the latest in a series of exclusive Special Reports put together by CDP. See the series here:
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CAA UAS lead Andrew Hamilton joins Crowded Space Drones as ops director

Andrew Hamilton, Civil Aviation Authority Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) lead has joined Crowded Space Drones as its director of operations. Hamilton has been involved in drones for nearly 10 years and whilst an Inspector with Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, founding the first ever 24 hour UK Police Drone Unit which now has over 50 Police Officers trained as pilots. Following this, Hamilton joined the Civil Aviation Authority, transforming their systems and processes to the benefit of the wider drone industry. Under his leadership at the Civil Aviation Authority, Andrew oversaw the approval of drone delivery programs, such as the delivery
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Ascent Vision Technologies seals deal on CUAS contract with defense agency

Ascent Vision Technologies has received a contract from the Defence Technology Institute (DTI) of Thailand for its field-proven eXpeditionary Mobile Air Defense Integrated System (X-MADIS). The X-MADIS will protect critical assets against hostile small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS). The X-MADIS was selected by the DTI following a series of Counter small Unmanned Aerial System (C-sUAS) demonstrations and tests to showcase the capabilities of the system. Developed to achieve optimal performance in high-heat and humid conditions, the X-MADIS will provide reliable, fixed-site and full-spectrum protection against commercial, off-the-shelf sUAS and state-level adversaries. AVT's X-MADIS is a portable solution that incorporates industry-leading
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