Port of Antwerp is first seaport to initiate unmanned air traffic management

Port of Antwerp Unifly
The Port of Antwerp has become the first seaport to initiate unmanned air traffic management in a busy and complex port environment. In doing so, the port operator is the first non-aviation authority to become a fully-fledged geozone manager. As geozone manager, the port will be responsible for managing ground risk related to above-the-ground activity, with respects to operational and working drones, overall safety and seamless integration of processes required; all of which are intended to increase productivity and efficiency of port operations. Drones have many potential use cases that are especially relevant in a complex environment. With the help of
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How mini drones are being deployed to kill insects

Miniature drones used in agriculture could have wide-ranging applications as technology advances further, according to a leading expert in indoor UAVs. Bram Tijmons is CEO of PATS Indoor Drone Solutions, which makes drones specifically designed to target and kill insects harmful to plants, removing the need for insecticides.But he believes that the tiny drones could be deployed in different scenarios in the future. “For our specific application - insect control - there are actually numerous indoor environments where our solution can help out. Aside from horticulture, think of food processing or storage for example,” he said. Tijmons said: “I
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Drones begin delivering vaccines across Ghana

The world’s first national-scale drone delivery service, Zipline, has begun delivering COVID-19 vaccines to health facilities in Ghana. This makes Ghana the first country in the world to deploy drones on a national scale to deliver COVID-19 vaccines.  On 23 February, The COVAX Facility shipped 600,000 doses of the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine, from the Serum Institute of India (SII) from Pune, India to Accra, Ghana. The arrival in Accra is the first batch delivered anywhere in the world by the COVAX Facility as part of an unprecedented effort to deliver at least 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines to low- and
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REPORT: MENA nations ‘could unlock billions’ by investing in mapping data

drone mapping pic
Governments across the MENA could improve their economies by hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue by improving their mapping services according to a new report. Upgraded geospatial data would also help nations in the region in fighting challenges such as population growth, climate change and dealing with pandemics according to the ‘See Your Nation’s Potential’ Report from the UK’s mapping agency Ordnance Survey (OS). Peter Hedlund, OS International Managing Director, said: “Geospatial information helps us to tackle the biggest problems of our time – and capitalise on the greatest opportunities – by making it possible to monitor, measure, predict
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DJI unveils latest agricultural drone

DJI AGRAS t20 drone
DJI has launched its latest agriculture drone, the DJI AGRAS T20, targeting operators requiring an “intelligent” UAS for varied work. The drone’s modular and portable design makes it accessible and scalable for farmers who are ready to apply digital insights and automated spray technology into their operations, DJI said. The DJI AGRAS T20 is optimised to work in complicated environments and different agricultural lands. It features autonomous flight planning and terrain-sensing radar, as well as extended flight time, high payload capacity, and off-the-grid power options. DJI’s new drone can carry a maximum payload of 20kg, and the layout of the
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Commercial drones ‘are not just for deliveries’

Rohit Gupta, Head of Products and Resources, Europe, Cognizant For some years now, drone technology has been billed as the next big thing. For many, the main associations which spring to mind when thinking about the technology are their uses in military defence, surveillance, awe-inspiring landscape photography and wedding videos. In the UK, we have also experienced the negative side effects of the technology, including the disruption caused at Gatwick and Heathrow airports. Despite these incidents, drones have huge potential for businesses across many industries, including retail, logistics and healthcare. McKinsey recently investigated how the technology could be used for
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Cyberhawk strikes five-year deal with major Middle East energy provider

UAV operator Cyberhawk has secureda five-year contract with a major LNG producer in the Middle East for the provision of drone inspection, surveying and data visualisation services. The contract will see Cyberhawk focus on collecting engineering-grade inspection data from oil and gas assets in the Middle East, onshore and offshore, which will be delivered as detailed inspection reports via Cyberhawk’s drone data visualisation software, iHawk. Established in 2014, iHawk allows asset teams to view up-to-date, visual data securely in the cloud. The contract with the state-owned oil and gas company was secured by Manweir LLC, Cyberhawk’s local partner, which is
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Emergency NHS drone airbridge gets UK gov’s backing

A consortia working to establish a UAV/Drone Emergency Medical Airbridge between Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to supplement existing NHS medical supply chain are among the first wave of winners to secure a share of £33m funding from the UK Government to use aviation to solve major global challenges. DronePrep is leading a consortia that has been awarded a share of the initial £7m funds to support project using unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver critical PPE and Covid-19 testing kits to vulnerable rural communities in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The project unites the two pioneering drone delivery
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