Tree planting in the mountains with drones

Successful field trial completed with BaySF FlyingBasket and Bayerische Staatsforsten (BaySF) joined forces to test the use of cargo drones for tree planting in the mountains. After FlyingBasket obtained crossborder operation authorisation by the Federal Aviation Office in Germany, the team was able to start the trial by transporting 2,000 young trees from a location in the valley of Aschau, Southern Bavaria, to 18 planting locations up in the mountains near the famous Kampenwand. The team of Flying Basket used the FB3 cargo drone for the task. Three young BaySF talents studied different aspects of the test. Experienced forestry professionals
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How mini drones are being deployed to kill insects

Miniature drones used in agriculture could have wide-ranging applications as technology advances further, according to a leading expert in indoor UAVs. Bram Tijmons is CEO of PATS Indoor Drone Solutions, which makes drones specifically designed to target and kill insects harmful to plants, removing the need for insecticides.But he believes that the tiny drones could be deployed in different scenarios in the future. “For our specific application - insect control - there are actually numerous indoor environments where our solution can help out. Aside from horticulture, think of food processing or storage for example,” he said. Tijmons said: “I
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DJI unveils latest agricultural drone

DJI AGRAS t20 drone
DJI has launched its latest agriculture drone, the DJI AGRAS T20, targeting operators requiring an “intelligent” UAS for varied work. The drone’s modular and portable design makes it accessible and scalable for farmers who are ready to apply digital insights and automated spray technology into their operations, DJI said. The DJI AGRAS T20 is optimised to work in complicated environments and different agricultural lands. It features autonomous flight planning and terrain-sensing radar, as well as extended flight time, high payload capacity, and off-the-grid power options. DJI’s new drone can carry a maximum payload of 20kg, and the layout of the
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CAA to draft drone regulations for Thailand aviation authority

The UK CAA has been appointed by CAA Thailand (CAAT) to draft new drone regulations. The nine-month project will allow CAAT to safely integrate the operations of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) into Thailand’s aviation system. UAS experts from the British aviation regulator will start by assessing Thailand’s primary legislation and determine any areas for consideration for UAS regulations. UK aviation regulators will work with CAAT to draft new ICAO compliant operating UAS regulations, harmonised with EASA standards. CAAi (CAA international) will also support CAAT with industry engagement to ensure air transport and UAS operators understand how to comply with the
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WATCH: Tech start-ups partner on water spraying drone development

The team of Drone4agro has announced it will be cooperating with Loweheiser, an engine company, to develop a range extender for their 6m spraying drone. Together, the companies are working on an efficient solution to deal with the weight. By building a 6-meter wide drone, the carrying capacity will be improved. With the innovation, the companies say farmers will be able to have the drone carry 50L of spray means. The solution consists of installing a range extender on the drone that uses fuel instead of electric batteries. This greatly simplifies the operation by eliminating the need of chargers for
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