SkyWatch and AgIntegrated work to bring earth observation data to the agriculture Industry

SkyWatch has formed a unique joint program with AgIntegrated to make Earth observation data more accessible to companies and developers. This alliance means that AgIntegrated will become the premier collaborator of SkyWatch when it comes to agricultural-based integrations due to AGI's many years and experience with agnostic API development for the precision ag industry and beyond. Mike Santostefano of AGI, explained: “When we met with SkyWatch, we learned how similar our business models were and it just made sense to work together to help solve some of the many challenges that have plagued agriculture when it comes to getting imagery
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Agriculture drone market set to swell to a $5.19bn worth by 2025

The global agricultural drone market is set for further growth over the next five years. An industry forecast made by Meticulous Research has predicted that the market’s worth will reach $5.19bn by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 31.1% from 2019. Forecasters explained that the growth in this market is mainly attributed to the factors such as growing population and rising pressure on the global food supply, increase in venture funding for development of agriculture drones, growing e-agriculture or information and communication technologies (ICTs) in agriculture, rising automation in agriculture, growing emphasis on enhancing agriculture efficiency, and rising need for
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XAG introduces rice seeding drone to mitigate labour shortage

To overhaul the labour-intensive rice farming industry, XAG is scaling up drone applications in China that enable night-time seeding at peak period. Last month, the firm organised the world's first-ever rice direct seeding demonstration on the comparison between manual broadcasting and drone seeding. The operation was conducted in China's 'Happy Farms', one of the largest modern agricultural parks as well as smart agriculture demonstration site in Guangdong province. Two workers were invited to spread 5kg of rice seeds, walking slowly through the waterlogged paddy field with their feet swamped in the mud. This was a laborious and lengthy process, which
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Delair and BASF focus on agricultural solutions acceleration

BASF and Delair are collaborating on scaling up BASF’s research and development projects for seeds, traits and crop protection. The agreement will enable BASF’s agricultural research stations worldwide to use the cloud platform to streamline and standardize the information gained through drone-based field studies. The platform provides enterprise-focused workflows and industry-specific analytics and will help BASF turn its visual drone data into actionable insights and ultimately, new sustainable solutions for the agricultural market. Each year, BASF conducts several thousands of research trials in agricultural stations throughout the globe to measure product performance under different field conditions. Commenting, Greta
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