Aquabotix makes a splash with 2-in-1 product launch

Aquabotix, a portable unmanned underwater vehicle company, has given the sector its first look at its latest product innovation.

The Aquabotix Integra Hybrid AUV/ROV is designed to revolutionise underwater vehicle missions and is capable of both autonomous movement in addition to unmanned piloting.

The Integra searches wide areas underwater using autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) mode and conducts detailed inspections using its remotely operated vehicle (ROV) mode.

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To switch to the ROV mode users need to attach the tether to remotely control the vehicle’s five degrees freedom of motion.

When running the vehicle in autonomous operation, all mission planning is completed in an intuitive windows-based application. Integra is single person deployable, battery operated and easily configured for your mission.

“With the Integra Hybrid AUV/ROV, we have added more functionality to a single vehicle,” said David Batista, CEO of Aquabotix. “Because this vehicle has the brain power to conduct autonomous missions as well as detailed inspections in a single setting, operators have immediate and complete control. The introduction of the Integra AUV/ROV is the next step in the evolution of underwater vehicles and illustrates how Aquabotix continues to successfully meet the demands of underwater exploration and inspection.”

Other features of the Integra AUV/ROV include a five high-torque motor, live remote control, data sharing and up to eight hours of battery life.

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