Aquabotix unmanned vehicles dive into NASA’s kit portfolio

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Portable underwater vehicle company Aquabotix Ltd’s has secured an order from world famous space and aeronautics institution NASA.

Aquabotix, which specialises in providing unmanned solutions for underwater, received an order for its Endura 300 model.

The Endura, which has been ordered for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), is a 300-metre depth-rated commercial-grade remotely operated vehicle.

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The unmanned underwater vehicle, which will be used in NASA’s Ocean Worlds exploration program, has been ordered to create to create multi-dimensional maping.

A spokesperson from NASA said: “These ocean worlds are the next frontier in the search for life beyond Earth. And NASA scientists are already developing concepts for return trips by robotic probes bristling with ultra-sensitive instruments. Future missions would be designed to detect any trace of the chemistry, structure or by-products of alien biology.”

Endura, which is piloted via iPad or laptop applications, is capable of switching between ground and water in three minutes and can generate up to five knots of thrust.

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