ARDN Technology begins production of prototype drones

ARDN Technology

Russian company ARDN Technology announced this morning that it has tripled its production site to start the release of a prototype series of SKYF drones.

The first drones will be used to run tests, including shipping to the first clients.

“We have expanded our experimental production site in Kazan and now we are able to produce three to four drones per month,” explained Alexander Timofeev, CEO of ARDN Technology and SKYFchain.

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“The first party of the drones will be used for testing in various areas, from field processing and cargo delivery to water-bombing fire extinguishing. On the first party, we will work out all the conditions and tasks possible. This will allow us to accelerate the creation of the final design of the drone, the utter version. With it, the first mass production of unmanned aerial cargo platforms in Russia will be launched in 2020.”

SKYF is an unmanned aerial platform for vertical take-off and landing.

At the moment, the drone’s payload capacity is up to 400kg and its flight range is 350km. Current flight duration is eight hours, with a payload of 50kg.

The company was founded four years and aims to develop a universal platform for a global market.

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